Ponta Koizumi


The lead character of the series. She is sweet, innocent, and loyal. Ponta's feelings for Mirai could be described as love at first sight, at least on her part. Grandpa Koizumi's invention transformed her from a puppy into a small child that Mirai believes is feral. After saving her, Ponta returns the favor by upchucking the bone onto Mirai's clothes, resulting in her returning to her canine form. Some time later, Ponta has grown into a teenage dog, and finally sees Mirai again. Overjoyed, she follows him back to his house where she rediscovers the bone, and Mirai discovers her secret. He doesn't fully realize it, though, until about one chapter later. As Mirai's sweetie, Ponta has had no shortage of rivals battling for the love of Mirai. Despite these obstacles, not to mention her slow learning of human life, she and Mirai have remained true to each other.