Ni Jianyi

你健一, Ukoku Sanzo, Ken'yuu
He is keeper of the Tenchi Kaigen ldquoMutenrdquo Sutra and one of the active Sanzo priests. Currently he hides his origins and shoulders the role of executing the Gyuumaoh revival experiment at Houtou Castle although his purpose in doing so is unknown. He is always observing the movements of the Sanzo Ikkou from afar. He encourages trouble from afar because he enjoys watching their future like a game. This isnrsquot limited to the Sanzo Ikkou he has the nearby Kougaiji group at his mercy with his belittling behavior. He was born and raised in an extremely normal albeit rich family. Both his parents were graduate school professors. Although he entered graduate school at a young age skipped a few years and received his doctorate in accordance with his parentsrsquo expectations one day he suddenly left home to become a Buddhist monk. He had an interest in the Sanzo priests and had become an apprentice monk called ldquoKenyuurdquo when he met Koumyou Sanzo. After murdering the previous Sanzo priest Goudai and succeeding to the title of Sanzo priest himself he was christened ldquoUkokurdquo by Koumyou. He wandered the world with Koumyou for a year after which he set out on a solitary roaming journey. Nii Jienyi is another face of Ukoku Sanzo a temporary guise known as the ldquoleading professor in life sciencesrdquo. He effaces the dignity of a ldquoSanzo priestrdquo by spiking his hair growing stubble and wearing a shabby white coat. Because of his outstanding skills in science and knowledge of youkai magics he is the only human allowed to live in Houtou Castle. He has a physical relationship with Gyokumen Koushu. Although he usually puts on an act of flattering her it seems he is skillfully pulling the strings behind her back. Recently he pulled the ldquoMuten Sutrardquo from within the stuffed bunny he had always carried around with him and once more begins to act from the shadows and ldquoPriest Ukoku Sanzordquo. His power is to bury all creation in a darkness blacker than night. It voids any and all attacks.