Rin Kagamine


Age: 14 Height: 152 cm (5'0") Weight: 43 kg (94.79 lbs) Optimum Genre: Electro-pop, rock, pop - Enka Optimum Range: F # 3 ~ C # 5 Character Items: Roadroller, Mikan orange, yellow onion First Appearance in Chapter 2. Aged 14, Kagamine Rin is twins with her brother, Kagamine Len. As a character from the second installment of Crypton's Vocaloid Character Voice Series, she is voiced by Asami Shimoda. Released on December 27, 2007, Kagamine Rin/Len (鏡音リン・レン?) is the second installment of the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series. Their family name was chosen by combining Kagami (鏡, Mirror?), Ne (音, Sound?), with the first syllables of their given names a pun on "Left" and "Right". They can be protrayed either as twins or reflections depending on the person viewing them or the song(it is not officially stated). According to Vocaloid's official blog, the package includes two voice banks: one for Rin and another for Len, both provided by the voice actor Asami Shimoda. Despite the double voice banks, the package still sells at the same price as Hatsune Miku. Their only cameo appearance in an anime is in (Zoku) Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei, where the two and Miku (and various other people and characters) try out to be the voice of Meru Otonashi. On June 12, 2008, Crypton announced the updated edition, named "act2", will be released in early July 2008. Users who had bought the old version will get an expansion disc free of charge. On June 18, 2008, beta demonstration songs using the new version were released on the company's official blog. The expansion disc is an entirely different software and does not affect the original Kagamine Rin/Len installation in any way, giving the user options to either use the old or new voice sets exclusively or combine their usage. Voice actor is Asami Shimoda.