Kenren Taishou


Kenren Taishou is Sha Gojyo's previous incarnation.

General of Heaven’s Western Army. A lawless man who loves saké, flowers, and women. He’s an infamous commander who used to be a general in the Eastern army, but he was demoted for sleeping with his commander’s wife, and became Field Marshal Tenpou’s subordinate. He’s a bold wanderer overflowing with chivalry, but also has a meddling, common-sensed face. He’s a good older brother –type person, especially to children and his subordinates. He’s been called Tenpou’s husband, but he’s actually more of a housewife, supporting Tenpou, who wouldn’t be able to handle daily life if left to his own devices. He doubted the absolute principle policies of heaven from before. He is attracted by the lower world’s art and the beauty of living things, and while he’s a military man in heaven’s army, he becomes involved with Goku.
Character Features
He has short black hair and black eyes, a sarcastic mouth, and a big, childlike smile. That look resembles Sha Gojyo somehow. He loves lower world luxury items like cigarettes. Since acquiring these goods is difficult, he smokes several brands.
Weapons And Powers/Abilities
Kenren is shown using guns in his missions. Source: Saiyuki.wikia