Tetsuo Kaga

Tetsuo Kaga President of Haze Middle School039s Shogi club. Kaga hates Go and prefers Shogi better because his father forbade Shogi and forced him to play Go from an extremely early age and he could never please the old man no matter how well he did because he always loses to Akira. He also says he hates Go because Akira is better than he is while keeping a completely detached attitude towards the game. He still plays Go from time to time to keep his skills limber. He along with Kimihiro has graduated from Haze Middle School. Tetsuo smokes cigarettes which were kept in the earlier U.S. Shonen Jump versions of Hikaru no Go but were removed from the U.S. graphic novels and the later as of 2005 Shonen Jump versions. His birthday is January 8th.