Yusei Fudou

不動 遊星, [Satellite's] Shooting Star, Daniel

Yusei is a new and main character in this series. He is considered a rare duelist riding [Red D-Wheel]. Yusei is familiar with machine and computer, so he assembles D-Wheel by himself. His personality is very different from Judai in GX series but similar to Mutou Yugi. He looks cool and smart with hot heart especially in a duel and always thinks about his friends. After fighting Jack Atlas, [Dragon's Birthmark] appears on his arm and makes him become a [Signer ~ シグナー]. The story mainly focuses on Yusei. As people live in gorgeous Neo Domino City, he lives with his scums in the old Satellite plant. Yusei assembles his D-Wheel from any material he can get from this junk place. This is the source of his deck's concept of Junk (ie. Junk Warrior). Yusei plans to have a decisive battle with Jack because Jack stole his D-Wheel and ace card. Season 2

Yusei's past is explored further and its discovered that Yusei was born living in the Tops of Neo-Domino. His parents were both top scientists at the Momentum project in Satellite. However, the testing failed and they were both killed in the failure. Yusei was sent to an orphange in Satellite. Yusei then became a member of Team Satisfaction alongside Jack, Crow and Kiryu Kyosuke. Together they duelled against other gangs to take control of their areas. Together, they conquered the areas of Satellite with rival gangs. During the last battle; Yusei was pulled from the roof of a building, saved by Kiryu. But shortly after that time; Yusei saw a different side to Kiryu after he killed a Security officer. After a brief struggle, Security arrived on the scene to arrest Kiryu. Lately, Kiryu appears before Yusei and Crow again, forcing Yusei into a duel. Facing Kiryu's Earthbound God, Ccapac Apu; Yusei's D-Wheel reached its limits. Yusei himself was injured when something lodged itself into his abdomen, Crow escorted Yusei to what seems to be the orphanage where his injury is looked over. Shortly afterwards, Yusei is dragged back to the city by Aki's father in hopes that he can save her after he defeat by the hands of Misty Lola. When she awakens, she challenges a duel which results in finally getting her onside with the other Signers. Godwin invites the group to explain about the Dark Signers, explaining that they are individuals that have passed on, leaving Yusei to blame himself for Kiryu's death. Coming to terms with reality, Yusei makes Godwin promise to finish the construction of Daedalus Bridge when the battle against the Dark Signers is over. The group depart to the orphange for a brief reunion with Martha and the kids, hearing about Crow and the others' disappearance. Rudger - the leader of the Dark Signers - appears and duels Yusei. During the duel, Rudger reveals his identity and Yusei witnesses both Martha sacrificing herself in order to save Tayuka - one of the orphans that followed Rudger, Yusei and Aki - and Rally who becomes Yusei's opponent, sacrificing himself for Yusei's sake. Fuelled by the sacrifices, Yusei later faces Kiry once again, focusing on their past as half of Team Satisfaction before combinig the power of the Birthmarks in himself to summon Saviour Star Dragon, destroy Ccapac Apu and save Kiryu at the time of his friend's death. As the duel ends and Yusei mourns the loss of his once-leader, Rudger challenges him. Knowing if he can destroy Uru defeat Rudger, Martha wil be saved; Yusei heads to Old Momentum - the place where his parents died. Facing Uru's terrifying power, Yusei hears Rudger's recollection of what happened between Yusei's father and him. Yusei voices his guilt over the events of 17 years ago - that his father unintentionally began the chain of events that created Satellit and robbed Jack and Crow of their parens. After hearing what Crow has to say, Yusei fights back with Stardust to defeat Rudger, the Dark Signer leader self-destruct, sending Yusei falling into the pit of Momentum where he finds his father in Hell. After meeting his father, Yusei is sent back to Old Momentum and leads the others to the Lizard tower where he confronts Divine in order to show Misty the truth. But the duel ends after sunset - the time Rudger mentioned that the four towers had to be sealed to prevent the King of the Underworld from rising. The Condor geoglyph appears and the Crimson Dragon transports everyone to the Sky Temple where they learn Godwin is the final Dark Signer, hoping to surpass the two warring Gods in order to break the cycle. Yusei, Jack and Crow face him in one last Dark Riding Duel. Crow and Jack both come off their D-Wheels as a result of Wiraquchasca's effect while Yusei stays on. Speaking of the bonds that connect everyone, overpowering the full Birthmark that Godwin has forged, however Yusei's Tail Birthmark becomes the Head. Yusei is then able to draw Savior Dragon, Synchro Summoning Savior Star Dragon in order to destroy Wiraquchasca. As the duel ends, Yusei sees the Dark Signers unconscious and the Godwin Brothers move on to the afterlife. Savior Star takes on the power of the Crimson Dragon and kills the King of the Underworld, releasing the Dark Signers and allowing them to live again. Some time after the final batte; Yusei, Jack and Crow stand in Satellite in the shadow of the bridge connecting Neo-Domino and Satellite around Daedalus Bridge. Together, they can ride together towards the bright future ahead.

Season 3

Six months afterwards and Neo-Domino is being plagued by attacks from a man named Ghost. Ushio warns Yusei not to use Synchro monsters against Ghost, but Yusei fights against the menace with Stardust Dragon, which is captured by the Infinity Monster - Wisel. Yusei is able to regain the monster and summons Savior Star Dragon in its place to destroy Wisel without any chance of losing his monster again. Ghost flies over the edge of the duel lane and crashes, ultimately leading to the revelation that he is a Riding Roid. Yusei later helps his friends, more specifically Rua and Ruka. At one point, Yusei awakens in a dark room with no recollection of how he got there. His head is sore and the doors re locked, that’s when it comes back to him - he was led into a trap. A call had led him to a residence where a scream was heard after her knocked on the door. He rushed in, finding someone lying face-down, but the man grinned when he noticed Yusei over him. From behind, Yusei was hit across the head with a wooden sword and knocked out, moved into the back of the lorry he finds himself in. Boss, the leader of the group responsible for kidnapping Yusei, appears on a monitor and insists that Yusei will join his group for the World Riding Grand Prix, implying that they will brainwash him if he doesn’t comply. Aki and Mikage locate him with the use of Aki’s Birthmark reacting with Yusei’s Head Birthmark. Using Rose Tentacles, she releases him and jumps aboard. Mikage is left behind after Aki’s monster is destroyed and Aki is forced to sit on the arm of Yusei’s D-Wheel as they leap out with seconds to spare, over the head of a mysterious D-Wheeler who has appeared. The D-Wheeler forces Yusei into a duel and the two vehicles race onto the highway that emerges, claiming that a bomb has been set in Yusei’s D-Wheel if he doesn’t fight. Yusei that learns it was a bluff and the rider reveals herself as Sherry, a woman who has travelled from her childhood in France across to Japan where she plans to enter the WRGP - with Yusei on her team. Despite the identical intention, she has no part in Boss’ plan. Yusei learns of Sherry’s tragic past and her determination to get revenge on Yliaster for killing her parents. The duel is interrupted when Boss’ men control the lorry previously holding Yusei over the edge of the road above and pushes Aki to summon Stardust in order to give it a physical form to save Sherry. Yusei then meets with Dark Glass, who uses the Accel Synchro technique - something he claims can defeat Ghost and the Synchro Killer strategy. Yusei becomes fixated on the technique, but puts it on hold when Bruno shows up - a man without any memory of who he is. He turns out to be a mechanic with skills parallel to Yusei and together, they complete a programme for the D-Wheels, only for it to be stolen by Jeager. Yusei and Bruno are able to catch up with him, but Yusei then has to duel a Guard Robot, given the chance of defeat claimed to be 100% eventually. Placido then sets the building to self-destruct. Yusei and Jeager get out just in time. After the incident of the Riding Roid styled just like Jack, Yusei travels out to Crashtown where he has received a letter from a woman who talks about his friendship with Kiryu and her concerns that the town’s duelling war will claim his life. There, he meets with Barbara and joins the Red Scarves who oppose the team that have enlisted Kiryu. Yusei and Kiryu duel, but the former Team Satisfaction leader has lost the will to fight and the will to live, pushing Yusei to truly bring him back. He is able to defeat Kiryu in the duel, but then realises he has been set up when Barbara shoots him with a stun gun from a bouquet she holds. Yusei is rendered useless as he watches Malcolm’s younger brother Lotten appear and defeat Ramon, leader of the team Kiryu was on. Both Yusei and Kiryu are thrown into coffins as they endure the tradition that losers suffer - and relocated to the mountains that Barbara explained caused a gold rush after the discovering of Dyne. Shock collars are placed around Yusei, Kiryu and Ramon’s necks, forcing them to work in the mine under the rules of the Red Scarves who punish the workers ruthlessly. Using a loose nail from the wooden cuffs used earlier before the collars were put on, Yusei undoes his and insists he and Kiryu will escape, despite Kiryu’s reluctance. While Yusei insists he’ll save Kiryu, who believes he has died and been erased, two children who looked up to Kiryu - West and Nico - push Yusei’s captured D-Wheel from the party in town, celebrating the Red Scarves’ victory.