Kyouko Honda

本田今日子, The Red Butterfly
Age:33 (at death)
Tohrus mother: When she was young Kyoko caused trouble and cut classes and was disowned by her parents following a gang fight. She hated her family as her father felt she wasnt needed in the world and her mother only cared about the appearance of the family. She was also the leader of an allfemale suicide gang. In this she was called The Red Butterfly the name originating from the legend of how the tail lights on her motorcycle danced like a bright red butterfly when she rode at night. However Kyoko later moved on and got a job. At some point Kyoko fell in love with a student teacher named Katsuya Honda which contributed to her leaving her gang. After she was beaten by her gang and disowned by her parents he stood up for her and proposed to her. They shortly married and had a daughter Tohru. Katsuya became a positive influence in her life and they worked through difficulties in a joint effort. When Tohru disappeared one day as a young child Kyoko was in hysterics even going so far as to threaten the police if they did not find her. After she was eventually found by Yuki Sohma who had heard Kyokos description of Tohru and lead the confused girl home Kyoko was overjoyed.