Heero Yuy

ヒイロ・ユイ, Hiiro Yui
Age:15 (Series); 16 (Movie)
Ethnicity: Japanese descent Place of origin: L1 Colony Cluster Hair: Brown Eyes: Prussian Blue Pilot of the Wing Gundam and Wing Zero. Heero is known as The Perfect Soldier having been trained since he was very young for the battlefield. Heero Yuy is nothing more than his code name however named for the fallen Colony leader whos assassination the Gundam Pilots were supposed to avenge. After his arrival on Earth Heero encounters Relena Darlian the daughter of an Earth/Colony peace advocate. After enrolling in her school Heero ends up saving her life on several occasions causing him to confuse his mission and his feelings. Heeros first ally is Duo Maxwell who helps him pull his Gundam up from the ocean. Afterwards he sets out on his own for a while attacking bases and OZ encampments. His primary rival is Zechs Merquise and they have several battles throughout the series even trading Gundams from time to time. His other rival is Treize Kushrenada who gives him the purely evil Gundam Epyon which he trades to Zechs for the Wing Zero. Although Trowa Barton holds the most mystery to his personality Heero comes a close second always disappearing after completing a mission or having an encounter. He lives by his emotions as stated by himself several times within the series and always thinks things through most of the time. He was also referred to as the heart of space by Quatre Raberba Winner Pilot 04 near the end of the last episode. In Frozen Teardrop