Yue Ayase

綾瀬 夕映, Yuecchi, Baka Black, Yuekichi
Birthday:Nov 16
Blood Type:AB
Seat Number: 4 Born on: 16th of November 1988 Hair: Violet Eyes: Violet Likes: Reading Dislikes: Studying at school Clubs: Childrens Literature Research Society Philosophy Research Society Library Expedition Club Yue is Nodokas best friend and is often seen around both her and Haruna. Shes short and at times has a blunt way of speaking to people but is generally a friendly person. She likes to read but ironically doesnt like to study and is one of the Baka Rangers a name for the 5 worst students in Negis class. When she finds out that Negi is a mage she gets excited about learning magic herself. At first she shows no romantic interest in Negi but as time goes by she finds herself developing a crush on him. However she doesnt want to hurt Nodoka so she tries to keep it bottled up as much as she can. Shes supportive of Nodoka and wishes her the best of luck when it comes to her and Negis relationship. Yue became the 5th person in Negis class to make a Pactio with him following Asuna Nodoka Setsuna and Konoka.