Hachidori 3.0.1 is now released with improved macOS Mojave compatibility and adds Anime Digital Network stream detection support.

Note: Latest versions of Google Chrome needs to enable the "Allow Javascript from Apple Events." To do this, go to View > Developer and enable "Allow Javascript from Apple Events"

@josh if you have the chance, please add this app to the Apps page since it's finished.

To install this update, check for updates. Change log is below.

New Features

  • Anime Digital Network Stream Detection Support
  • App is now Notarized for macOS Mojave
  • Add usage description for Automation under macOS Mojave describing it's uses for media detection

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Changed how stream detection works to work better under macOS Mojave while maintaining compatibility for older macOS versions.
  • Improve Funimation stream detection
  • Avoid stream detection from getting an exception of the DOM can't be retrieved in Google Chrome.

Ah good :) Yeah will get it added for the next push