[Locked] AniList Roadmap & Changelog


Please note that this roadmap and changelog is not a comprehensive list of all bugs and features to be addressed or implemented in the future.

Priorities may change dependant on the needs of the website and user base. Exact release dates can't be given, but feel free to ask on the Anilist discord server.

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AniList Feature Roadmap

Top Priority

  • Stats overhaul
  • Open Source
  • Bug fixing/UI improvements - Ongoing
  • Staff/Character/Studio page sorting & filtering
  • Recommendations (User generated)

High Priority

  • Anime song data (OP/ED etc.)
  • Notification Rework - Initial Update Complete
  • New submissions system - Initial Update Complete
  • More patreon/donator rewards - Initial Update Complete
  • Quicker list editing
  • Quick list edit on anime/manga pages
  • More options around Twitter integration
  • Separate companies from animation studios for stats (This needs to be done manually so may take some time)
  • Add more fields to and clarify following section on anime/manga pages
  • Add favourite counts to Staff/Character/Studio pages
  • Episode & volume count stats
  • List view for Browse
  • List export & auto backups (dropbox, google drive, etc)
  • Improved airing page
  • Add forum threads & comments to user’s social page

Low Priority

  • Forum Rework (switch to the more traditional layout)
  • Groups/Clubs
  • Auto recommendations (machine learning)
  • Staff/Character name order/language options
  • More character & staff images
  • Additional fields for characters & staff
  • User uploadable images (for activity/forum etc)
  • Achievements & more statistics
  • Adding activity types for reviews, thread creation etc
  • Show score, progress, and other data on specific activity
  • Improve List Comparison feature
  • Polls
  • Dubbed languages data + ability to filter dubs
  • Add Manga/Light Novel publications
  • Review comments
  • Show anime/manga that make up stats for Staff/Actor/Character/Studio stats

Very Low Priority

  • Site UI translation (crowdsourced from users)
  • Industry News
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Changelog - 09/06/2018

  • Fixed multiple media embeds
  • Youtube embeds now support the full URL
  • Removed blank airing status graphs that ended up on manga.
  • Added favourite toggle for anime & manga in list editor
  • Added list sorts: Progress, Start Date, Completed Date
  • Stop video autoplay on mobile
  • Revert airing marker from dot back to underline.

Changelog - 12/06/2018

  • Fixed title sort on user lists
  • Fixed date sort on user lists
  • Added random list entry button to user list panel
    • You can restrict it by using any of the selections and filters available.
  • Added "show more" items to the quick-search dropdown
  • Added adaption source to entry data panel
  • Adjusted automatic refreshing on expired sessions
  • Fixed duplicated stat counts

Changelog - 13/06/2018

  • Added 'Create Thread' button to entry pages
  • You can now middle-click links in avatar nav dropdown
  • Started adding missing hover states to links without
  • Added 'Read Full Review' hover to review cards
  • Added hint text for users with no favourites
  • Clarifed unzip requirement for list import
  • Added Adult content tip on 404 if disabled
  • Fixed activity feed type not updating

Changelog - 14/06/2018

  • Added 'Average Score' and 'Popularity' sorts to user lists (scroll on popup menu for now)
  • Fixed list date sorting (again)
  • Activity history follows profile colour scheme
  • Anime Music Quiz has been added to the apps page
  • Fixed score stats incorrect offset
  • Moved Block/Report buttons to header dropdown (beside follow button)

Changelog - 15/06/2018

  • Removed markdown from thread previews
  • Added label to 'Update Stats' button for accounts without any
  • Added toggle to disable data caching in settings (until proper solution found)
  • Fixed auto-refresh issues when session has expired.

Changelog - 21/06/2018

  • Fixed duplicate favorites bug
  • Added mod badge to forum comments

Been working on submissions this past week so only a tiny update today


Changelog - 22/06/2018

  • Added 'Release Date' sort to Browse
  • Updated hover text to clarify Random button accepts list filters
  • Added report function to activity, activity replies & thread comments
  • Fixed trending media panel showing watched/read for unreleased media
  • Corrected hover states for selections on advanced tag & genre panel
  • Normalised markdown heading sizes.

Changelog - 23/06/2018

  • Allow quick search results to be opened in a new tab
  • Fix activity history entries displaying above tooltips
  • Episode Airing threads now appear 0-1 hours after release instead of 6-7

Changelog - 28/06/2018

  • Added forum overview page
  • Limited some thread categories from being paired with others
  • Fixed incorrect error message sometimes appearing when blocking a user
  • Fixed incorrect list sections appearing in list reorder panel
  • Fixed stats error for users with little to no list entries
  • Upped max allowed length of list notes from 2000 to 6000 characters
  • Fixed incorrect minimum review length message
  • Fixed favorite characters, staff, and studios from not being able to open page in new tab

Changelog - 18/07/2018

Its been way too long since we added some more donator perks so here we go!

  • All donator badges are now also displayed on activity and forum comments.
  • $3+ tier can now additionally select custom profile colors from the full RGB hexadecimal range.
  • New $5 tier can customise the text of their donator badge on their profile (24 character limit)
  • New $10+ tier will display your custom badge text on activity and forum comments. You will also get the new "Super Donator" Discord role
  • New $20+ tier will add the rainbow effect to your badge on activity and forum posts.

Other things:

  • Anime/Manga list now supports per section urls
  • Added MyAniList to apps page
  • Fixed home page + progress button not displaying tablet devices

Changelog - 18/07/2018 Part 2

  • Clicking the X on custom list inputs in settings will now properly delete the custom list and remove entries from it
  • Fixed save button not appearing when about input is empty
  • Fixed donator badge not displaying on some activity entries

Changelog - 20/07/2018

  • Changed home activity feed selector to a toggle between Following & Global, with an additional filter dropdown.
  • You can now expand the list previews on the home page to take up the entire width of page, this will also up the entries shown from 20 to 40 per anime & manga sections.

Changelog - 26/07/2018

  • Animated gif avatars are now supported for $5+ Donators!
  • Added max height and scroll bar to text activity
  • Fixed youtube embeds not working inside spoiler tags
  • Fixed donator badge on forum comments always being capitalised

Changelog - 01/08/2018

  • Site guidelines have been updated. This is mostly for clarification as most changes did fall under the generic spam 'catch-all' that currently exists.
    • Posting sectarian, racist or illegal content is prohibited.
    • Don't make alternate accounts solely for posting statuses unless permission has been given by a member of staff.
    • Accounts must not impersonate other people or users.
    • Do not excessively spam likes.

The 'like spam' rule may be temporary until notification settings are rewritten. Reversal will be confirmed at that time.


Changelog - 01/10/2018

From now on, any new tags being added to the site will be mentioned in the changelog, until an alternative solution is implemented.

  • New tags added:
    • Aviation (Regarding the flying or operation of aircraft.)
    • Lost Civilisation (Featuring a civilisation with few ruins or records that exist in present day knowledge.)
  • Fixed tags not appearing in advanced filter list:
    • Animals (Prominently features animal characters in a leading role.)
    • Writing (Centers around the profession of writing books or novels.)
    • Conspiracy (Contains one or more factions controlling or attempting to control the world from the shadows.)
    • Lacrosse (A team game played with a ball and lacrosse sticks.)
    • Delinquents (Features characters with a notorious image and attitude, sometimes referred to as "yankees".)

Apologies for lack of larger updates at the moment - main objective still getting the revamped submission system up and running as soon as possible. Announcing the new data mods will come after that.