Locked AniList Roadmap & Changelog

Please note that this roadmap and changelog is not a comprehensive list of all bugs and features to be addressed or implemented in the future and is in no particular order. Priorities may change dependant on the needs of the website and user base. Exact release dates cant be given but feel free to ask on the Anilist discord serverhttps://discord.gg/TF428cr. Use the Subscribe button at the bottom of this post for notifications on new site updates. AniList Future Features Anime/manga tags rework UI improvements Open Source Polls Micro reviews/Reactions Anime song data OP/ED etc. Improved average score algorithm Dubbed languages data filtering More options around Twitter integration Add Manga/Light Novel publications More character staff images Markdown rework User uploadable images for activity/forum etc Adding activity types for reviews thread creation etc Show score progress and more data on activity List export auto backups dropbox google drive etc Improve List Comparison feature Improved airing page Review comments Groups/Clubs
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