Changelog - 27/12/2018 - Subscribe to the forum thread for automatic notifications.

  • Added GDPR Data Download option in Account Settings.
  • Fixed stats update erroring on media without genres.
  • Fixed Japanese media slugs breaking URL updates.
  • Covers now display a pre-generated colour prior to loading in.
  • Changed tags:

    • Gender Neutral has been correctly renamed to Agender in line with description.
  • New tags added:

    • Language Barrier (A barrier to communication between people who are unable to speak a common language.)
    • Tokusatsu (Prominently features the elements, which resemble Japanese special effects live-action shows)
    • Advertisement (Produced in collaboration with some companies in order to promote their products, technologies etc.)
    • Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent non-organic machines that work and react similarly to humans.)

Most of these changes have been implemented over the past fortnight. At the moment the rework of Anichart is the ongoing priority to allow easier development on features for both sites.