AWC: Challenge Submission Thread 2.0

AWC This thread is where you will submit all of your completed challenges. Please do not post any questions in this forum it is for challenge submissions only. If you have any questions you can visit the FAQ thread our Discord or contact any member of AWC Staff. After youve finished a challenge make sure your Challenge Post has been completely updated and meets the Submission Guidelines for the challenge listed below. Post a link to your Challenge Post as a comment reply to this thread. Include the following information: The name and mode if applicable of the challenge youre submitting a link to your Challenge Post. You can find your Challenge Posts link by clicking on the link icon in the top right of your comment containing the list this URL is what youll post here. You may only submit one challenge at a time. If you have multiple challenges to submit at once please submit them each as their own individual comments. One of our reviewers will reply to your submission when it is under review. If you made a mistake your reviewer will reply with what needs to be fixed and why. If you need to make corrections do not resubmit your challenge please make the proper corrections and reply to your reviewers comment and let them know what youve done to fix the challenge. When waiting for your corrections to be checked please have patience and allow your reviewer time to get back to you. All of our staff members are volunteers and may not be able to immediately respond to you. If you have not heard back on your corrections after 2 weeks please visit our Discord and open a ticket to request assistance using our support ticket system. If youve successfully completed the challenge your reviewer will congratulate you and send the badge reward to your profiles wall. You can also view all of your earned badges by searching for your username on our Challenger Profile site. annahoj qeziz Raycenerr InfiniteEternity draboko celeoste Goldiizz Haki CelestialQueen caiyune esjasig BaconCheesecake Yakaita Wark Your profile and anime activity must be set to public so our reviewers can verify your list and activity. Start and finish dates must be logged and up to date. You can access these in the List Editor. All challenge information must be included in your Challenge Post. This includes: Challenge name and mode challenge start and finish dates requirements and their numbers anime start and finish dates links to the anime used any additional information mentioned by the requirements. All requirement numbers must properly reflect the same number used for the requirement in the challenge post and code. For Monthly and Studio Collection Challenges you can submit the Hard and Clear the Board modes without submitting for Easy and Bingo modes beforehand. Youll still get both badges. For Genre Challenges Easy Normal and Hard Modes all go on the same post but each mode must be separated into its own section. Genre Mastery Challenges must be on their own post. For Genre Challenges you must submit your challenge as you finish each mode of the challenge. For Tier and Genre Mastery Challenges you must provide a link at the top of your post to the previously completed entry in the challenge series. The same rules as noted above must also be observed for our Manga Challenges. For any challenge that allows you to use previously started manga you must specify this and make note of the chapters read before the start of the challenge. For Explorer Challenges First Second and Third Paths all go on the same post but each path must be separated into its own section. For Explorer Challenges you must submit your challenge as you finish each mode of the challenge.
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