Anime Watching Challenge: FAQ If you do not see an answer to your question here you can talk to us on Discord or post a question as a reply to this thread. Q: What is the AWC? A: AWC stands for the Anime Watching Club. We create challenges to help facilitate your anime and manga activities and to hopefully challenge you to watch more anime read more manga and experience some new things that you may not have before. Q: Where can I find the challenges to participate in? A: You can find all of our challenge release announcements on our main AWC Profile Page or in the announcements channel of our Discord Additionally we have a comment hosting all of our Anime Challenges and a comment for our Manga Challenges Q: What do I get for completing challenges? A: First and foremost youve hopefully gained some enjoyment from the anime youve watched. Upon completion of our challenges we also award badges for you to display on your profile and most of our challenges also award Challenge Points which will earn you additional rewards. Q: How can I check the points Ive earned? A: Currently points can only be checked by using the ppoints command in our Discords botcommands channel. We are working to add additional ways for you to check your points if you do not want to join the Discord. Q: Why should I join the AWC Discord server? A: While we strive to keep our AWC Profile on AniList fully up to date our Discord always gets the first announcements. Additionally we host many events and have a number of fun Clubs in the server. We also have our support channel which is the quickest and easiest way to get a hold of our staff in the case you need some help. Our Discord is the best place for you if youd like to get involved in our community. Q: How can I contact an AWC staff member? A: If you need to contact our staff for any reason there is a full list of our staff on our Master Post Additionally our Discord has a support channel that can get you in touch with our staff. General Challenge Questions Q: How does the challenge process work? A: The challenge process is thoroughly explained in our Master Post Q: What challenges can I do right now? A: Our AWC Profile shows a list of all active timed challenges. All other challenges can be found on these comments that host links to all of our Anime Challenges and Manga Challenges Q: Why are there spoiler tags in the challenge posts? A: Spoiler tags tend to hide additional helpful information that can be used to better guide or help you with requirements. They should always be read as they may contain information regarding screenshots helpful links etc. Q: What is the Challenge Code? A: The Challenge Code is provided to help format your challenges. The use of the Challenge Code is required. Just make a copy of the code provided for the challenge and edit the information in red text. Q: What do I do if I dont know the start and/or end dates of anime/manga Ive watched/read? A: You should be logging these for all anime and manga you use for challenges. However in the case that we allow previously completed anime and you do not have dates you can: 1 use your bestguess dates or 2 use your AL start or list import date. Q: Can I use a Producer instead of a Studio when asked for a Studio? A: No. Unless otherwise stated by the requirement you must use what is requested by the requirement. Q: Does this anime/manga work for a requirement that asks for a particular character trait appearance personality etc.? A: You should use anime/manga that you know for sure fit the requirement. As a general rule if you need to ask its probably better to use a different anime/manga. Q: Can I use a Movie/OVA/ONA when asked to watch 12 episodes or less? A: Yes anything that has an episode count listed of 12 or less will count. For example movies are considered by AL to be 1 episode. Q: Can I use the same anime on two different challenges? A: Yes. If you cannot share anime or there are specific restrictions this will be listed in a specific challenges rules. Q: Can I use an anime with multiple seasons or entries to fulfill different requirements on the same challenge? A: Yes. We consider different seasons as separate entries on AL since they have their own AL pages so you could use each individual season to fulfill their own individual requirement. Q: Can I use an anime to fill multiple requirements on the same challenge? A: No. One anime is one entry is one requirement. The only exception is with our Monthly Challenges which describe the conditions for using an anime for multiple requirements on the challenge post. Q: Can I use an anime that I have previously dropped or paused for a challenge? A: Yes. For challenges that allow for previously started anime you can resume these from where you started. For challenges that do not allow for previously started anime you must start these from the beginning of the show. Q: Why cant I use Music? A: Please be careful about this restriction. Most challenges do not allow for the music format. The music genre is allowed on all challenges unless a requirement says otherwise. Q: How do the Challenge Modes work? A: Various challenges have different levels to them. For example our Monthly Challenges have an Easy and a Hard Mode our Genre Challenges have Easy Normal and Hard Modes and the Studio Collection Challenges have rewards for clearing a Line and clearing the Board. In all instances that a challenge has different levels all levels build upon each other. For the Action Genre Challenge Easy Mode is completed after finishing 20 requirements Normal Mode after finishing another 20 requirements for a total of 40 requirements and Hard Mode after finishing the remaining 20 requirements for a total of 60 requirements. Tier Challenge Questions Q: Do I need to complete the previous Tier Challenge before I start the next one? A: Yes. With the exception of posts created before July 20 2019 you must complete and be given the badge of a Tier Challenge before you can create your post for the next Tier Challenge. Monthly Challenge Questions Q: Do I have to only do the Easy or Hard mode or can I do both? A: You can do both they build on each other. Easy Mode is 5 of the requirements completed and Hard Mode is all 10 of the requirements. Q: Can I rewatch an anime for a requirement? A: Yes you may rewatch one anime for a Monthly Challenge. Q: Can I use an anime for more than one requirement on this challenge? A: Yes. The Monthly Challenge post gives the instructions on using longer anime for multiple requirements on the challenge. Genre Challenge Questions Q: How do all of the levels work? A: The levels build upon each other. Each level is completed once you finish the number of requirements total for that threshold. For example with the Music challenge 10 completed requirements is Easy Mode an additional 10 requirements for a total of 20 is Normal Mode and the remaining 10 requirements for a total of 30 is Hard Mode. Q: Do I make a different post for every level of the challenge? A: No please dont. Just split requirements into three sections those used for Easy Mode those used for Normal Mode and those used for Hard Mode. Keep them in numerical order within their sections. Q: Can I submit all levels of a genre challenge at the same time? A: No. Genre submissions should happen one level at a time. So while youll have your whole list in one place please submit each time you finish one of the Modes. Q: Can I use an anime on multiple genre challenges? A: Yes. Q: How does Genre Mastery work? A: Genre Mastery is earned after completing a genre challenge for a second time. All requirements must be watched and there are no Easy/Normal/Hard Modes so you cannot use any previously completed anime. You cannot start a Mastery challenge until your original genre challenge has been reviewed and passed by a member of our Review Team do not create your post for a Genre Mastery before you receive the Hard Mode badge for the corresponding Genre Challenge. Q: Can I use previously completed anime for Genre Mastery? A: No. You can use previously started anime but you cannot fill any requirements with anime that are already on your Completed list. Q: How can I use a Bonus requirement? A: Bonus requirements can be swapped out for any other requirement in the Genre Challenge. When you use a Bonus requirement please put it at the end of the section youre using it in. If you wish to keep the text of the requirement youre not using please place this in the Footer of your challenge post. Seasonal Challenge Questions Q: Do I need to watch every episode as it airs? A: No. We provide a 15week period for our Seasonal Challenges in which you can watch seasonal anime. Check the challenge posts rules regarding how much needs to be watched. Q: Can I complete an old Seasonal Challenge? A: No. Seasonal Challenges are timed challenges and only available during the anime season in question. Q: Should I include all of the seasonal anime Im watching if its more than 7? A: No we would prefer you did not. You should only include the 7 anime youre using for the challenge. Classic Challenge Questions Q: Can I use the same anime I watched in the Seasonal Challenge for a Classic Challenge? A: Yes you can. Q: If an anime is 2cour or more can I use it for different seasons in the challenge? A: No. Anime will only be counted for the season they have listed on their AniList page which is their first airing season. Q: Can I use an anime if it does not have a specified season on its AniList page? A: No. Only anime with a season specified on its AniList page will be counted for this challenge. Special Challenge Questions Q: Gamblers: I really dont like the shows I got can I change them? A: Nope thats your list. Have fun Q: Gamblers: The list provided an anime that is a 2nd or later season or is a movie/OVA/ONA/etc. for something I havent seen yet. What do I do? A: In these cases you can switch out the given anime with the earliest main entry in the series that you have not seen but only if the earlier entries are needed for enjoyment and understanding of the story. This includes direct sequels OVA/ONAs or canon movies that take place within the timeline and have an impact on the story. If you are unsure of whether or not a swap would be warranted you are welcome to ask in this thread. Q: Gamblers: Why cant I get a list given to me for this challenge? A: The Gamblers Challenge has been shut down for the time being. The bot previously used to deliver the lists for this challenge was created by a former member of our Development Team and was taken with them when they left. Q: Rainbow: Can I use this anime for this color requirement? A: Good question. If youre asking its probably best not to use it. The ruling is up to the reviewer so if youre questioning it it is likely the reviewer will as well. Use something youre absolutely sure is primarily the color requested. Collection Challenge Questions Q: Studios: Can I complete both a line and the full board? A: Yes of course. You can submit your challenge after getting a Bingo Line for a greyed out version of the badge and then again after clearing the full board for the final badge. Q: Franchises: Do I need to watch anime in the specific orders listed? A: No. If we provide orders for anime these are suggested routes you should take based on the general anime community consensus. If you dont wish to follow these thats okay. General Challenge Questions Q: Can I use Light Novels / Manhua Chinese manga / Manhwa Korean manga / Oneshots? A: Yes. Manga all throughout MRC challenges refers to all of the entries on AL under the umbrella term of manga so you can use any of these formats so long as they meet the requirements. Q: What does minimum total chapter count mean? A: This is the total number of chapters with all manga used for challenges added up. You must meet this minimum for a submission to pass. Q: Do I still need to complete all remaining requirements if I reach the minimum total chapters before finishing the challenge? A: Yes. The whole thing together is the challenge. Finish everything. Q: If Im using a previously started manga do the chapters Ive read before count towards the total chapter count? A: No only the chapters read for the challenge count. Please be sure to make note of what chapter you started on in these cases. Q:Where can I find my manga stats? A: Your manga stats are the same as your anime stats theyre shared on AL. Q: Can I use the same manga on two different challenges? A: MRC challenges follow the same ruling on this as AWC challenges. See above. Q: Can I use currently releasing manga for a challenge? A: You can but the number per challenge is limited. Check the rules for the challenge to find out how many you can use. Q: How is the latest released chapter determined for a releasing manga? A: Our staff goes by the latest chapter that has been translated into English. Our reviewers make use of Manga Updates Tier Challenge Questions Q: Beginners 1: What should I do if no anime has a manga source / Ive read everything from my favorites already? A: Time to explore. Look into more anime and manga to find one you want to watch / read. Q: Beginners 9: Can I use a One Shot? A: Yes they are only 1 chapter. Manga City Challenge Questions Q: Do I need to do Manga City challenges in release order? A: No you can do these challenges in any order youd like. Q: School: Do all manga need to have the school tag? A: No. The entire challenge is themed around school but having the school tag is not a requirement unless otherwise stated. Q: Museum 9: Can I use X item for this? A: This is not meant to be a super strict requirement. Objects that count for this would be anything that has a modern alternative and/or you wouldnt come across easily in the present day. So whereas objects like swords are still used in some weaponbased martial arts and ceremonial activities some great examples are objects like steam locomotives torches carriages muskets hand fans candle chandelier etc. Q: How do I properly log anime activity for challenges? A: Our challenges require that watch activity is properly logged so our reviewers can confirm the activity. This is especially important with any timed challenge. As always the best practice is to manually update your List Editor after watching the first episode of a watch session and then incrementing every episode after though batch updating an anime after youre done watching for the time should get you the desired results as well. Q: How do I log rewatches? A: When you rewatch an anime for our challenges its required that theyre properly logged as a rewatch. When you start an anime youre rewatching open your List Editor and set the status of the anime to Rewatching. After you do this all activity logging will be logged as rewatch activity. Q: Do I have to use the provided Challenge Code? A: Yes. The use of the Challenge Code is required for all challenges. Q: Can I edit the Challenge Code? A: Yes though there are restrictions in place. Generally the Header and Footer of your challenge comment can be customized so long as they contain the needed information while the Body of the comment has tighter restrictions. Q: What is the Header? A: The Header consists of the top portion of your comment. This must include the name of the challenge your challenge start and finish dates and the legend for status symbols used in the Body of the comment. Additionally if you wish to track overall or partial challenge progress such as keeping a tally of how many anime youve completed for an Easy Mode this information needs to go in the Header. Q: Can I include images in my Header? A: Yes. Many people like to include the challenge banner image or a spread of the covers from the anime theyre using for the challenge. Images like these are okay as well as other customization so long as the aforementioned required information is present. You must separate your Header from the Body of the post with an in your code. Q: What is the Body? A: The Body is the main portion of your challenge code and is made up of all of the requirements. As this is the most important information this portion of the code is restrictive. You must use the Challenge Code as provided for this section. Do not change the ordering of information the threeline format date format numbering format or thirdline separators put the requirements in quotes or add images/gifs/text art that are not provided. Q: Can I change anything about the Body of the code? A: You can change the Body of the code in minimal ways. You can do things such as bolding the requirement text centering the composition and using different status indicators so long as the legend in the Header is updated accordingly. You can also use the preview card animelink format for your anime links instead of the AnimeTitleanimelink present in the Challenge Code. Q: Can I spoiler tag things for the requirements? A: No please do not include spoiler tags in your requirements unless theyre provided in the Challenge Code. However if you wish to use spoiler tags to hide a whole section such as spoiler tagging the Easy Mode portion of a Genre Challenge this is acceptable so long as this is not the section being submitted for review. Q: What is the Footer? A: The Footer is the portion of the Challenge Code that comes after the requirements. It is separated from the body with an in your code. This can contain additional information such as the run time or chapter calculations that some of you like to include. If information in the Footer is required it will be provided in the Challenge Code. If there is no Footer in the Challenge Code a Footer section is not required. Please do not include anime links in your Footer. Q: Where can I read Kondors long ramblings on the Challenge Code? A: If you would like to read the AWCs stance and reasonings as well as read all of the additional specific information with examples regarding the Challenge Code you can find that on this post about the Challenge Code Updates Q: Can I submit more than one challenge at a time? A: You can only submit one challenge per comment in the Submission Thread Q: Can I submit all levels of a Genre Challenge at once? A: Each level of a Genre Challenge cannot be passed without the level before it also passing. Please try to refrain from submitting multiple levels of the same Genre Challenge to the submission queue at one time. Q: How long does it take for my challenge to get reviewed? A: Time to review varies based on the submission load. Things tend to take longer towards the end of the month or the end of an anime season since a large number of submissions all come in at once. While we aim to keep the time to between 35 days at the latest please understand that this might be extended for the above reasons. Q: I messed up on my challenge. Do I need to resubmit my challenge? A: No do not resubmit your challenge unless specifically asked to by your reviewer. Instead after making any needed corrections reply to your reviewers comment and let them know what fixes you made. Q: I fixed my challenge but havent heard back from my reviewer. What should I do? A: After youve made your corrections reply to your reviewers comment and let them know what you fixed. If you do not hear back from your reviewer try replying to their comment again. While our reviewers do their best to get back to you in a reasonable amount of time other obligations do get in the way sometimes. If you feel that its taken a rather long time to hear back please contact our staff on Discord However please do not do this if its only been a few days please wait at least a week before submitting this request. At that time well try to get a status update or reassign the submission as needed. Q: How to add a tag Q: How to submit a data change if the listed information in AniList is incorrect / missing Q: Where to find year / season sired: Q: Source for Adaptations: Q: How to find your favorite / least favorite genres based on mean score: Q: Where to find anime format i.e Movie TV ONA: Q: Where to find Studio: Q: Where to find anime mean score:
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