Anime Watching Challenge: FAQ

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Q: What is the AWC about?
A: We are a club made to challenge you to watch even more anime and hopefully find some new gems you wouldn’t have watched before. Choose a challenge that appeals to you. We recommend everyone to start with our Beginner's Challenge. For a good one-stop shop for information, you can check out our Anime Watching Club Master Post.

Q: How do I contact a staff member?
A: If you need to contact any of our staff members for whatever reason, the full list of staff can be found on our Master Post. All staff can also be contacted on our Discord.

General Challenge Questions

Q: What challenges can I do right now?
A: A link to all of our challenges can be found on the main AWC account. Keep an eye on any time-limited challenges if you want to do them all.

Q: What’s up with the spoiler tags?
A: The spoiler tags are hiding additional information that can help guide or help you with the requirements. Be sure to take give these a look whenever you see them.

Q: What is the challenge code?
A: To help you format your posts efficiently, we provide a challenge code document you can use for your challenge lists. Just copy the code and edit the information in red text.

Q: What should I do if I don’t know the start and/or end dates of things I’ve watched?
A: You should be logging these for all anime you want to use for challenges. But in the case we allow previously completed anime and you don’t have dates you can: 1) use your best-guess dates with month and year, or 2) use your AL start or list import date.

Q: Can I use a Producer instead of a Studio if I’m asked for a studio?
A: No. Only the company listed as the Studio for the anime will count.

Q: Does this work for a requirement that asks for a particular character trait, appearance, personality, etc.?
A: You should use things that you know for sure work. As a general rule, if you need to ask, it probably isn’t clear enough. If you really want to use an anime for this requirement and you’re unsure, please ask in the comments below.

Q: Can I use a Movie/OVA/ONA for 12 episodes or less?
A: Yes, anything that has an episode count listed of 12 or less will count. For example, movies are considered by AL to be 1 episode.

Q: Can I use the same anime on two different challenges?
A: Yes. If you cannot share anime, or there are specific restrictions, this will be listed in a specific challenge’s rules.

Q: Can I use an anime with multiple seasons or entries to fulfill different requirements on the same challenge?
A: Yes. We consider different seasons as separate entries on AL since they have their own AL pages, so you could use each individual season to fulfill their own individual requirement.

Q: Can I use an anime to fill multiple requirements on the same challenge?
A: Absolutely not. One anime is one entry is one requirement.

Tier Challenge Questions

Q: Beginner’s #1: What should I do if my favorite and least favorite genres combination doesn’t provide any search results?
A: Be sure to manually update your List stats first. If this still doesn’t return results when browsing, you can use your favorite and second least favorite. If this still doesn’t work, you can use your second favorite and second least favorite, and so on. Hentai can be ignored.

Q: Beginner’s #4: I watched a 2018 anime in 2018, but it’s 2019 and I haven’t finished the challenge. Is this okay?
*A:** Yes, you must have watched the show in the airing year. If you started your challenge in 2018 and watched a 2018 anime in 2018, that’s okay even if you haven’t finished the whole challenge. But you cannot split a year, like watching a 2018 anime in 2019, even partially.

Q: Beginner’s #6: What should I do if I don’t have any dropped anime?
A: Use an anime from your Paused list. If you don’t have any anime here, use anime from your Plan to Watch. If none of these three apply, watch an anime and make a note on your list.

Q: Beginner’s #14: What should I do if I don’t have a favorite voice actor or staff member listed on my profile?
A: Add one. Submissions are reviewed based on what can be seen at the time of review.

Monthly Challenge Questions

Q: Do I have to only do the Easy or Hard mode, or can I do both?
A: You can do both - they build on each other. Easy Mode is 5 of the requirements completed and Hard Mode is all 10 of the requirements.

Genre Challenge Questions

Q: How do all of the levels work?
A: The levels build upon each other. Each level is completed once you finish the number of requirements total for that threshold. For example, with the Music challenge 10 completed requirements is Easy Mode, an additional 10 requirements (for a total of 20) is Normal Mode, and the remaining 10 requirements (for a total of 30) is Hard Mode.

Q: Do I make a different post for every level of the challenge?
A: No, please don’t. Just split requirements into three sections - those used for Easy Mode, those used for Normal Mode, and those used for Hard Mode. Keep them in numerical order within their sections.

Q: Can I submit all levels of a genre challenge at the same time?
A: No. Genre submissions should happen one level at a time. So while you'll have your whole list in one place, please submit each time you finish one of the Modes.

Q: Can I use an anime on multiple genre challenges?
A: Yes.

Q: Romance #7: Why can’t I find anything with the Shounen Ai, Yaoi, and Shoujo Ai tags.
A: These tags were consolidated into the tags “Boy’s Love” and “Yuri.”

Q: How does Genre Mastery work?
A: Genre Mastery is earned after completing a genre challenge for a second time. All requirements must be watched, and there are no Easy/Normal/Hard Modes, so you cannot use any previously completed anime. You cannot start a Mastery challenge until your original genre challenge has been reviewed and passed by a member of our Review Team.

Seasonal Challenge Questions

Q: Do I need to watch every episode as it airs?
A: No. We provide a 15-week period for our Seasonal Challenges in which you can watch seasonal anime. Check the challenge post’s rules regarding how much needs to be watched.

Q: Can I complete an old Seasonal Challenge?
A: No. Seasonal Challenges are timed challenges and only available during the anime season in question.

Classic Challenge Questions

Q: Can I use the same anime I watched in the Seasonal Challenge for a Classic Challenge?
A: Yes, you can.

Special Challenge Questions

Q: Gambler’s: I really don’t like the shows I got, can I change them?
A: Nope, that’s your list. Have fun!

Q: Gambler’s: The list provided an anime that is a 2nd or later season, or is a movie/OVA/ONA/etc. for something I haven’t seen yet. What do I do?
A: In these cases you can switch out the given anime with the earliest main entry in the series that you have not seen, but only if the earlier entries are needed for enjoyment and understanding of the story. This includes direct sequels, OVA/ONAs, or canon movies that take place within the timeline and have an impact on the story. If you are unsure of whether or not a swap would be warranted, you are welcome to ask in this thread.

Collection Challenge Questions

Q: Studios: Can I complete both a line and the full board?
A: Yes, of course. You can submit your challenge after getting a Bingo Line for a greyed out version of the badge, and then again after clearing the full board for the final badge.

Q: Franchises: Do I need to watch anime in the specific orders listed?
A: No. If we provide orders for anime, these are suggested routes you should take based off the general anime community consensus. If you don’t wish to follow these, that’s okay.

General Challenge Questions

Q: Can I use Light Novels / Manhua (Chinese manga) / Manhwa (Korean manga) / One-shots?
A: Yes. "Manga" all throughout MRC challenges refers to all of the entries on AL under the umbrella term of manga, so you can use any of these formats so long as they meet the requirements.

Q: What does "minimum total chapter count" mean?
A: This is the total number of chapters with all manga used for challenges added up. You must meet this minimum for a submission to pass.

Q: Do I still need to complete all remaining requirements if I reach the minimum total chapters before finishing the challenge?
A: Yes. The whole thing together is the challenge. Finish everything.

Q: If I'm using a previously started manga, do the chapters I've read before count towards the total chapter count?
A: No, only the chapters read for the challenge count. Please be sure to make note of what chapter you started on in these cases.

Q:Where can I find my manga stats?
A: Your manga stats are the same as your anime stats - they're shared on AL.

Q: Can I used the same manga on two different challenges?
A: MRC challenges follow the same ruling on this as AWC challenges. See above.

Q: How is the latest released chapter determined for a releasing manga?
**A: Our staff goes by the latest chapter that has been translated into English. Our reviewers make use of Manga Updates.

Tier Challenge Questions

Q: Beginner's #1: What should I do if no anime has a manga source / I've read everything from my favorites already?
A: Time to explore. Look into more anime and manga to find one you want to watch / read.

Q: Beginner's #9: Can I use a One Shot?
A: Yes, they are only 1 chapter.

Manga City Challenge Questions

Q: Do I need to do Manga City challenges in release order?
A: No, you can do these challenges in any order you'd like.

Q: School: Do all manga need to have the "school" tag?
A: No. The entire challenge is themed around school, but having the "school" tag is not a requirement unless otherwise stated.

Q: Museum #9: Can I use X item for this?
A: This is not meant to be a super strict requirement. Objects that count for this would be anything that has a modern alternative and/or you wouldn't come across easily in the present day. So whereas objects like swords are still used in some weapon-based martial arts and ceremonial activities, some great examples are objects like steam locomotives, torches, carriages, muskets, hand fans, candle chandelier, etc.

Q: How to add a tag

Q: How to submit a data change if the listed information in AniList is incorrect / missing

Q: Where to find year / season sired:

Q: Source for Adaptations:

Q: How to find your favorite / least favorite genres based on mean score:

Q: Where to find anime format (i.e Movie, TV, ONA):

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