Anime Watching Club: Master Post

35 The Anime Watching Club AWC is a club and community formed to challenge you to watch more anime and to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. We hope that youll find some new little gems that you never would have come across before In order to do this our team creates anime AWC and manga MRC challenges to help facilitate your watching and reading expansion 1. Be polite friendly and positive. This community has a foundation of fun and wed like to keep it that way. 2. Be kind to our AWC Staff and Reviewers. Everyone on our team is a volunteer and no one gets paid to do this. They all offer up their own time to contribute to this community so please keep this in mind. 3. Harassment of any users inside or outside of our community or of AWC Staff will not be tolerated. Heres a list of all anime challenges in one place: AWC Challenges Heres a list of all manga challenges in one place: MRC Challenges 1. Choose a challenge to take on If youre just starting out with our challenges we recommend our Anime Beginners Challenge or Manga Beginners Challenge 2. Post a comment as a reply to the desired Challenge Post with the challenge code we provide or with your own style of formatting. 3. This comment is where youll keep track of your progress itll be your Challenge List for the challenge which you can update as you go or all at the end when you finish. Keep in mind that you follow the challenge rules which can be found in each Challenge Post. 4. Once you complete your challenge make sure that your list is fully updated and then post a link to your challenge in our Submission Thread Be sure that your list meets the submission guidelines for each challenge these can be different depending on the type of challenge and the Submission Thread will have all of the current rules regarding this so always double check. 5. One of our reviewers will reply to your submission when they start to look it over. Theyll go through your challenge list and submission and make sure that all the challenge requirements have been met. If there was a mistake the reviewer will reply and let you know what needs to be fixed. Upon successful completion of a challenge the reviewer will congratulate you and send you the snazzy badge weve worked up to reward you. Display your badge on your profile and move on to the next challenge FAQ This is our FAQ Thread. We realize that sometimes things can be confusing despite our best efforts to be as clear as possible. If you have a question we can almost guarantee its been asked before. You can find answers to the most frequent questions weve gotten in this thread so it should be your first stop in an effort to find an answer. Suggestions and Ideas We love this community and we hope you do too When people really enjoy something they often want to see it do well and have a number of their own ideas they think would work out. If you have any suggestions or ideas youd like to share with us this thread is where you should go with those. Submission Thread Weve already mentioned this but this thread is where youll post links to your completed challenges for our reviewers to take a look at. The Submission Thread will also have all of the submission rules for the different challenges due to certain circumstances we cant go back and update some of our old Challenge Posts. However this Submission Thread is constantly kept uptodate and will have the final and expected rules for all submissions so be sure to take a look at those. Discord What better place to interact with the AWC community? Weve got chats memes anime manga etc. Also present are channels that can be used to a similar and often more immediate effect compared to our AL forum posts as well as functions to check how many Challenge Points youve earned and check where you stack up against other Challengers. Join the Discord and come hang out with us If you need some help that isnt covered in any of the other posts or resources weve already provided feel free to contact any of the AWC staff members listed below. Leaders: annahoj Kondor Plusho Managers: akaDry draboko InfiniteEternity Kell Kongroo MyNameIsZach Reldio Senior Staff: Madoka42 Quiet StealthRobot Staff: caiyune celeoste CelestialQueen cybergami Goldiizz Haki HalfBlindShinobi Kanta Nymh omn0mn0m qeziz Raycenerr Samurai skirider7 Recruits: AxeltheInferno BaconCheesecake Basenji Boltasar Deren Diam esjasig faultystart Globe JayGreene Sarumon SirDurpsalot sqsh Thanuilod Wark Challenge Points: As you complete many of our challenges youll earn Challenge Points. The more Challenge Points you collect the higher up the Challenger Ranks youll move with new Ranks being earned at set tiers of Points earned. We have plans to provide you with suitable rewards regarding this and while we know what we want to do we havent been able to start development on this just yet. Once we have information to share on this front there will likely be an AWCwide announcement. Yearly Badges: Our Monthly Challenges are some of our most wellknown challenges. With options to do an Easy and Hard version of these we release these every month totalling up to 12 every year. We have a special badge we award at the end of the year to all people who participate in our monthly challenges. You can qualify for this badge with the requirements below: Participation: Complete 6 Monthly Challenges on any difficulty Easy: Complete all Monthly Challenges on any difficulty Hard: Complete all Monthly Challenges with at least 6 of those being on Hard Mode Complete: Complete all Monthly Challenges on Hard Mode Mastery Badges: Mastery badges can be earned for all of our Anime Genre Challenges. To earn a Mastery badge you must complete the genre challenge for a 2nd time through however you cannot use any previously completed anime for this challenge Thats right youll need to watch an anime for every requirement after starting the challenge and you cannot rewatch any anime used in the first time through the challenge. In addition Mastery runs for genres cannot be started until your first time through the challenge has been reviewed and passed by our Review Team.
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