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AWC AWC is glad to announce the release of our new Code Generator Tool. This tool was created in an effort to make some of the more tedious and nonfun parts of the challenge process be less stressful and more efficient for you the challenger. After the changes to our rules that required you to use the provided challenge codes for each challenge and limited the amount of customization you could do an idea like this became feasible as a helpful tool. We took a while to get around to it but its now ready for your use. Below well give an overview of the tool and how to use it along with any known issues there are with the tool and plans for future updates to the tool. First up is a brief overview of the tool. Well quickly go over the things that it can do here and then in the following section well go over how to use it. So to give some context here is a screenshot of the basic code generator page: Were bringing out the high quality graphics for this. There are a few different sections present on the Code Generator: Challenge Selection: Outlined by red in the image this is where youll select the challenge whose code you want to create and edit.There are various ways you can do this. In the Challenge Post URL box you can copy and past the URL to your existing challenge comment. Clicking Load Challenge Code after this will load in your existing challenge information. In the Search box you can begin typing the official name of a challenge and it will filter down the list in the Select Challenge box. Highlighting the challenge from that box and then clicking Load Challenge Code will load the code for the selected challenge. In the Media and Category boxes you can filter down options by types. The Media box will allow you to select Anime or Manga challenges and the Category box will allow you to select a category of challenge such as Classic Collection Tier or others. This will filter down the list in the Select Challenge box and then clicking Load Challenge Code after highlighting a challenge will load the code for the selected challenge. Code Editor: Outlined in green in the image this whole section includes the various ways to interact with and update your code. For ease each individual section has been outlined with its own color and well go over each of them separately. The two options under the Links section just provide links to the Challenge Thread and Challenge Code Document for the challenge respectively. Modifiers: Outlined in yellow in the image this box contains some modifiers for the additional boxes below. In the Username box youll type your username. After clicking the Load button the tool will load your AniList Anime/Manga list internally. Anime and Manga from your list will be selectable in the section below and information you usually have to get yourself for your code will be pulled into the code for you. In the Language box youll be able to select either English or Romaji for the Anime/Manga titles for your code. Select your language setting before clicking the Load button. In the Legend box you can change the symbols used for the Completed and Not Completed status icons for your challenge. Simply update these boxes with the symbol/icon/emoji of your choice and theyll be automatically substituted for you. Requirement Editor: Outlined in blue this is where youll make the edits for each requirement in the challenge that was loaded. The little checkbox under each requirement number is for the Completion Status. When unchecked the code will indicate that the Anime/Manga has not been completed. When checked the code will indicate that the Anime/Manga has been completed. When you load your list into the tool this Completion Status box will update automatically for anime present on your list. The second box underneath the requirement text will be where you can select the Anime/Manga to use for the requirement. In the example image above Staff Picks 2021 was used which has fixed anime for the challenge but for challenges in which you can pick the Anime/Manga used there will be a dropdown box that lets you sift through all Anime/Manga on your list. You can also start typing the name of the Anime/Manga you want to use and the list will filter down. Alternatively you can copy and paste the AniList URL or just the AL ID into the sectioned box just to the right and the tool will pull that animes information in for you. For anime that have requirements with additional information needed this will show up as additional boxes underneath the requirement text that you will fill in. Challenge Code: Outlined in magenta this is where the code will update and you can copy from. Clicking on Update Code will update the challenge code below with all of the information from the Requirement Editor section. Anime/Manga names and URLs your completion status additional information included when present and dates from your List Editor will all be pulled in automatically. Clicking on Copy Code will copy the code to your computers clipboard. You can then paste in your own document or on AniList and the copied code will paste in. By default the code uses the Anime NameURL format for anime names. If you prefer to use the media embed preview cards for your challenges you can check the box next to Use Media Embeds before clicking Update Code and your code will be generated for use with the preview cards. And thats it for the overview. Below well do a quick stepbystep runthrough of creating a challenge with the code generator. Well also use a different challenge to fully show the different pieces you could run into. Step 1: Get to the Challenge Code Generator To get to the Code Generator youll need to be on our site The landing page is currently the Leaderboard page. From here you click on the Challenges tab and it will bring you to the Code Generator. Step 2: Select the Challenge Now youll want to select your challenge. In my case I want to create a new code for the January 2022 Monthly Challenge. Ill use the boxes to filter to the Anime media and the Monthly category. From here Ill highlight the January 2022 option and click Load Challenge Code. Step 3: Set Settings and Load List After the Challenge Code loads Ill want to load my Anime List. Ill type my AL username into the Username box for this. I also prefer to use the Romaji titles so Ill set the Language setting to Romaji and then click Load. I also want to update the Legend settings because I like to use the green check mark and red X emoji for my statuses. Step 4: Edit Requirement Information Next up is filling out the information for the requirements. I havent completed any anime for this challenge yet so none of the Completion boxes will be checked automatically by the tool nor will I update them. I also think Ill only be able to complete the monthly on the Easy level so Ill just pick 5 requirements to fill out. We can delete the unused requirements later once were done. In my case Ill probably just grab the AL URLs and post them into the URL/ID box for this. Step 5: Update Code Now that Ive finished filling out the requirement boxes I just need to click the Update Code button in the Challenge Code box. I prefer to use the Anime NameURL format for my titles so I wont be checking the Use Media Embeds box. After clicking Update Code I see that the information has all been pulled and I can now click Copy Code to take it and paste it into a document editor or straight onto my AL challenge comment. And thats it. Pretty quick and easy. No more copying and pasting everything especially those tedious List Editor dates or Anime/Manga titles. Just some minor efforts here and there and were good to go. Were at the end of this post as well. Below well have two comments that will be reserved. One of which will include Planned Updates which will host features that were looking to add into the tool once theyre ready. This section will also include known issues. Some are easier to implement while others will take some time. We wont make a big fanfare over each one released here but we will most likely have an announcement in our Discord when new features are added. The other comment will be a Changelog comment that will keep track of any updates we make or bug fixes we correct. Not all updates will be receiving the mentioned announcement so this will be the only place to check to see each and every change made. Additionally weve created a new ticket type in our Support system on the Discord. It will simply be called Developer Support. You can create a ticket in this queue to contact our Development Team directly to report any issues or bugs found using this and other official AWC tools. Thanks all and we hope this will prove to be a helpful tool in reducing some frustration and tedium when it comes to our challenges.
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