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https://i.ur.com/lqzTAuE.png https://anilist.co/activity/349963811 WE HATE HOMEWORK BUT WE LOVE SOME HOUKAGO Like some learning institutions we are up to do some extracurricular activities for our beloved Otaku here in AniList for everyone to participate and join into. This is one of Otaku Academias program that would not require much formality any one can join and anyone can interact depending on the intent. Like sharing your favorite games anime referring your favorite AniList user and so on. But heres a twist the extracurricular activity might grant you a reward. So stay tuned and we will release some of the banners that you can participate into it. We will initiate a forum thread for you to participate. This forum is intended to archive/compile all the extracurricular activities conducted here in AniList you may click on the posted banners to look back on the ongoing and recent activities being proposed.
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