Advanced Scoring bug?


Ive been using the advanced scoring system for some time, all has worked well enough. But last night I logged in to find that all of advanced scores, which were originally ranked using 0-10, are now "squished" to fit between 0-1. For example, a score that was 7/10 is now 0.7/10. The overall score was preserved, of course until I update an advanced score then the overall score is overwritten as well. I will have to re-input the scores it seems.

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i also found out that i had this problem, and trying to change them back to the normal scores will just set them back to the decimals under 1 (even though the overall score still remains the same).

setting the scoring system to be out of 100 just has the same effect of all the advanced scores dividing by 10.

another annoying thing about this issue is that it rounds the advanced scores to the nearest tenth (or the nearest whole number if using the 100 point scoring system) so any decimals the advanced scores may have had are lost.


Sorry about that, should be fixed now