IB is a convoluted mess that has an awful ending

Really interesting concept and really fun read but god damn what an half assed ending and undecided progression. What do you mean the guy suddenly goes full saiyajin and can suddenly destroy nukes when he was so undecided and weak I while ago. He suddenly pulls up millenia worth of hatred out of his ass and just when you thought it couldn't get worse dead time travel girl just blows the mood they had going to become a half assed ending. Not only that but despite the characters having the potential of being interesting, it's as if the author can't decide what he wants his characters to be like creating a chaotic and broken story. Ironically, there was a character who "completely understood" the other protagonists. However it's as if the author himself doesn't know how he wants to portray them which brings confusion upon the reader. Actually disappointed since I enjoyed the narrative and found some of the origin stories to be interesting like "The unkind that want to be kind". Aside from that the author discuses determinism and stuff like that in his story but the ending doesn't match this while not giving a fulfilling ending. Half-assed manga.

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I think he himself acknowledged the rushed ending. Read the afterword included.