Jujutsu Kaisen honestly seems very run of the mill almost even generic at first glance. Just another shonen about demons and kids training to beat them... another Naruto wannabe the cast is so similar... no that isnt the case at all actually. Lets just dive in already. So yes Jujutsu Kaisen is about kids training to defeat demons or cursed spirits I should say who manifest themselves in places where dark emotions and stress exist. In this world there are people known as Jujutsu Sorcerers who are able to use their own cursed energy and cursed techniques to exorcise these cursed spirits. The main plot kicks off when the main protagonist Yuji Itadori consumes the finger of an ancient curse known as Sukuna fusing the soul of Sukuna with his own. The Jujutsu Sorcerer community wants to execute Yuji since Sukuna is a wildly powerful curse but the most powerful sorcerer Gojou Satoru decides to keep Yuji around and plans to have him consume all 20 of Sukunas fingers he has four arms and then execute him effectively removing Sukuna from this world. The story so far follows Yuji Gojou and the other characters on their journey to find Sukunas fingers and exorcise curses all the while training to become stronger sorcerers. This cast of characters is really really REALLY fun. The main group consists of Yuji Gojou Megumi and Nobara. Yuji is your typical shonen protag: athletically gifted goofy but strong willed and motivated. Following his grandfathers death in the first episode Yuji makes it his goal to help and save as many people as he can. Rarely is it that one individual character makes me smile and laugh this much but every moment and every interaction Yuji is a part of is golden. Not only is he funny but he has some really badass moments as well. His bromance with Toudou a student from a rival Jujutsu sorcerer school is probably the highlight of the whole show. Megumi Fushiguro is a quiet but powerful sorcerer studying alongside Yuji. He tends to be a lot more serious and is often indifferent to Yujis goofiness. Nobara is kind of the token girl of the group. She likes to go shopping and out to eat and likes to embrace her femininity while still being independent and strong. She gets along well with Yuji their interactions are quite funny. Gojou is hilarious every scene hes in is a hit. Not only is he extremely goofy and careless but he also happens to be the most powerful sorcerer in the Jujutsu world. His nonchalant demeanor combined with his immense power make for some comically unbalanced battles. The rest of the characters are not quite as important as these main four but they are all really likable at least the good guys are and memorable. The villains are excellent too. One thing that Jujutsu Kaisen does EXCEEDINGLY well is tone. Typically shonens tend to take themselves somewhat lightly mixing goofy scenes in with serious battles and drama. JJK does this extremely well. I never felt as if any serious scene was interrupted or abruptly ruined by a funny interjection whenever something like that was done it felt like it was natural. When things get REALLY serious the show knows how to keep it serious and raises the tension accordingly. The humor is also really spot on in this show. All of the jokes genuinely land and I dont think Im exaggerating at all. I seriously dont think there was a single scene intended to be funny in which I did not chuckle at least a little. The pacing in this show is also excellent. There is zero time wasted. Every episode is fun it doesnt feel like there are any lulls in the overall enjoyment of this show. I cant think of one episode where I started thinking about something else in the middle or an instance where I started getting bored in the middle of an episode. To be honest this is what makes this show so good. The characters are fun and the plot is interesting so far but the feat of making 24 consecutive episodes of fun engaging anime that you simply cannot take your eyes off of is amazing to me. I dont think I have seen many shows that pull this off as well as Jujutsu Kaisen does. Im sure youve already heard this ad nauseam at this point but the animation of this show is very very good. Everything looks spectacular. The fights are crisp and it really feels like everything important that needs to be animated feels like it has had the most possible effort put into it. I have to applaud Mappa for making such an excellent looking show. Ive heard a lot of people say that the animation carries this show... well no it certainly helps the shows case but if youre watching something solely on the basis of animation then thats kinda strange to begin with honestly. The show is carried by how much of a joy it is to watch and experience. Looking good makes it more enjoyable but high animation quality is not the only thing JJK has to offer. Jujutsu Kaisen certainly isnt a groundbreaking anime by any means if you ask me not in concept or character composition at least. Its true that the concept of an anime revolving around teens going to a special school and training to defeat demons or any other ambiguous enemy is definitely not unique in the realm of shonen and the character tropes present are tried and true. But theres something about this show that sets it apart from the rest. I cant quite put my finger on what makes this show so fun such a positive experience. One thing is for certain though the lovable characters and overall enjoyability of this show make it something that I personally consider to be a must watch right now. While I was watching I mulled over what score was right for JJK quite a few times. Sure its definitely not perfect or the greatest anime Ive ever seen and like I said it isnt wildly groundbreaking or insanely unique by any means. But what sets JJK apart from the others is the fact that every episode is a hit. 24 out of 24 back to back this is basically a perfect season. And for that I cant think of any fair score that isnt a 100 out of 100. Do yourself a favor and go watch this show right now if you havent already. You will not regret it.
100 /100
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