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Time for a Spring 2016 anime review and really this was one of the most underrated series of the season, yeah at first you are probably under the impression that this is another cute girls do stuff and that is pretty much what it is but it is worth watching. So it follows a group of girls who are really unlucky doing things that is suppsed to improve their karma but it doesn't really go to plan.


The story is simple but fun to watch, there were some episodes that were stronger in story compared to others but each have a unique feel to them. Like I said most episodes consists of the main 5 females doing cute things to improve their karma so some people may get bored but I believe this series has a bit of something for everyone.


The animation is alright, there were quite a few instances that could of been improved. Some parts I would of liked a bit more detail, other times I found the animation flowed kind of strangely and there is also the fact that it isn't very unique (being kind of like your typical moe style). Finally in this section, I thought the character designs were quite fitting and I'm quite glad that they didn't stray far from the manga designs (which I managed to buy the first volume of).


Sound was all good from me, the characters voices fitted them and all were different- no character really sounded 'similar'. The opening was cute and fluffy and really enjoyable, I also felt like the song really represented the show quite well- this is the same as the ending for me. The insert songs as well were quite sweet and added extra cutenness to the series. I also wanted to mention the piano version of the opening in the final episode which I thought was a nice peaceful way to finish off.


Now the characters, I do admit that they aren't the most unique and follow kind of typical character tropes but I still found them pretty likeable. I do admit when Hibiki was introduced I found her quite annoying, but once again she is a character I grew towards. A bit more character development for certain characters (especially that blonde kid from the opening) would of been good but I guess we won't get another series :p So I guess I just have to use the manga to answer my questions.

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68 /100
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