INUYASHIKI LAST HERO REVIEW SPOILER ALERT PREFACTION I state that these are my personal opinions if you disagree unlucky. Having said that I can say that after viewing this work I was quite disappointed by many aspects that this anime offers. I am also surprised by many positive ratings given by other weebs who view this work as an anime that shows you the cruel view of society regarding particular social events. In any case I am not convinced at all that this is the case so here are the various points that have disappointed me or triggered me of this anime which all in all could have reached a decent grade such as a 7 or an 8. THE PLOT What can I say about the story? Nothing. The story in fact has neither a beginning or a development indeed there is not even a real story in the anime. The story begins with a depressed family made up of 2 stupid children a mother and a father who looks like the grandfather. Later a dog will also join obviously useless to the plot. The family just moved into a new house built by the grandfa father himself. The house is located next to the villa of the homonymous Oda a rich man with his father who is a manga author nice reference. The poor old mans fate now seems to have been sealed: he has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has no more than 3 months left to live. Subsequently both the old man Ichiro and the antagonist Hiro will find themselves by pure case in the same place at the same time with no particular reason where they will be given powers by no one knows that will make them become generic liquidpowered robots. As you can understand the plot takes a completely random turn giving destructive powers to characters whose names we barely know and the character development factor does not change over the course of the 11 episodes of the anime. The biggest problem of the plot is in fact that it is completely random and the characters are not characterized or developed the only characters that will be slightly touched are precisely the protagonist and the antagonist even if in a totally superficial way. The protagonists will also speak to each other just twice throughout the anime exchanging only a few quick words to avoid destroying the fragile plot on which the whole show rests or to avoid making the antagonist understand that killing people is not the only way to feel alive. Another serious problem of the plot are the motivations that push the antagonist to be such making him a completely nonsense antagonist and consequently all the story of the anime. We could probably have understood his needs to kill with a specific deepening of his history and his life which obviously did not happen the anime in fact explains to us that he is just a depressed weeb who doesnt give a damn about others if not people he knows such as his childhood friend. We can therefore conclude that the plot lacks impact and meaning indeed the plot is totally lacking. We could sum it up like this: 2 random people in an evolved society become robots and start doing random stuff. PARADOX OF FEELINGS One of the worst problems that this anime has is the paradox of feelings on which all the present poor plot is based: the protagonists in fact once they become robots will try in every way to feel human again by performing various actions like treating people in a vegetative state or killing entire families for no reason. The paradox in this case is present precisely in the search for the emotions themselves in fact if you feel an irrepressible desire to feel alive you are automatically experiencing an emotion of nostalgia or sadness and this makes you a human in all respects given that machines have no feelings so they dont want to feel alive. Once again therefore the whole plot on which the anime was clinging falls or the research of human emotions by the main robot characters. In fact many times we see the characters feel different emotions when they dont kill or save people thus making the whole story of the search for emotions on which the whole anime is based useless since they already feel emotions even without going to look for them. I suspect that the search for feelings that the anime offers us is just an excuse to be able to make the antagonist that otherwise there would have been no story at all. ANTAGONIST PROTAGONIST In my opinion the main characters of this anime the antagonist and the protagonist are the most flatter and characterless characters Ive ever seen in anime history for the duration of the show we have only a very superficial development of the story and the characters I even struggle to remember their names and I just finished watching the anime. We can summarize the main characters in this way: The protagonist Ichiro Inuyashiki is a depressed and ignored old man who would like some attention at least from his family. It seems that even the voice actor of the protagonist has entered in the character in fact it is difficult to hear him speak during his rare lines that are mainly formed by verses of amazement and despair such as Eh? . The protagonist then after becoming a robot decides that to experience human emotions he must help people and in fact he feels happy when he does. With a lot of imagination then we can already deduce that the antagonist will feel human emotions only when he kills innocent people making him completely forced and meaningless for the purposes of the plot. As for the antagonist hiro shishigami I think hes one of the worst antagonists Ive ever seen he has no motivation or character and he didnt even have that before he became a robot hes just an apathetic weeb who likes One Piece that does not feel absolutely empathy for society and people he only feels it for the people he knows the others could even die for him all killed which he will personally do towards the final episodes. I could write whole pages about how much the antagonists actions dont make any sense of logic but Ill stick with it. Lets start with the fact that Hiro after becoming a robot witnessed the suicide of a person under a train. After spectating that scene he suddenly felt alive. So he decides on the spot to kill random people to feel alive without even trying to do anything else to avoid killing innocent people. Initially the fools can fall into the error of thinking that he does not feel any emotion except when he kills someone: in reality it is absolutely false. There are so many moments in the anime where he starts to cry for various reasons ex. when he is isolated from society when his parents commit suicide when special forces injure his friend and her grandmother and where he enjoys himself such as reading manga or having dinner with the family who hid him from the police. We can therefore conclude that he was killing people just for the sake of it other than feeling alive all this then makes the antagonist a crazy idiot and ruins the whole plot of the search for feelings and the pressure of society. But we get to the most serious point: after killing dozens of innocent people the police suddenly set out on his trail and manage to find him but he manages to escape and hide in a friends house. So far everything normal the problem comes later: Hiro one evening sees his mother crying for the actions performed by him saying that he apologized to everyone for having raised him like this and he starts to cry because he made his mother feel bad for some actions HE DID HIMSELF killing innocent people which is irritating and nonsensical if you are a sadistic murderer stay on that line until the end you cant start crying over bullshit. Later after both of his parents committed suicide because he committed other killers he decides to take revenge on the people who committed suicide his parents by killing another bunch of random people + other people from a weeb forum who insulted him. At one point his friend who was hosting him realizes in good time that he is really a killer and then asks him to stop killing and redeem himself by treating people with incurable diseases and he does W T F. This twist does not make the slightest sense given that in theory he should not feel any empathy for strangers and instead at any moment he starts to treat hundreds of people achieving some success I must admit that I was really triggered at this point of the anime but I still continued. After some time the special forces break into his home and injure his only two friends even if he manages to rescue everyone. Once again Hiro is seen suddenly feeling emotions for his grandmother and her friend thus destroying the already weak plot. So he decides to take revenge is this a sentiment? By going to the police station and killing everyone even the other special forces arriving from outside. From here on he realizes that all of Japan is his enemy ?? and therefore decides to kill everyone massacring 1000 people a day here we return to the sadist Hiro. In the end it will be Ichiro who stops him in an unwatchable fight at the latest CGI. In the last episode however Hiro decides to selfdestruct together with Ichiro to divert the trajectory of the asteroid with the excuse of I also have people to protect Will it be bipolar?. As you have read all of Hiros actions are inconsistent with his ideology making him look like a madman with more personality who one day is a sadistic madman and the other saves 200 people. It was really embarrassing to see him doing random actions for 11 episodes ruining an anime that might be decent but what a spolier: it isnt. VIEW OF THE SOCIETY And here we are at the only decent part of the anime: the judgment of society on people . Personally I found this point of the anime quite interesting too bad it was partially ruined by the technical choices of the authors in fact the opinions of society towards the murders of Hiro and the meteorite that loomed on Earth present several contradiction and weird judgments. To begin with when it became known that Hiro was a killer the girls in his class started making nonsense comments like Ah I didnt know he was a killer and saying I liked hihihi completely canceling out the atmosphere of tension of having had a mad sadist in class. Later when Hiro killed several innocent people at random Hiro fanclubs started to be created to support him for his actions. Another unrealistic vision of the society that rewards serial killers. All these judgments of society are meaningless and unrealistic thus undermining the only decent part that the anime could offer plunging it into a bottomless abyss. CGI ANIMATION Another disastrous point that the anime presents are the CGI: in fact it would be offensive to call anime Inuyashiki Last Hero towards real anime. I state that I am not necessarily against CGI if used well it is fine to me but this is not the case. CGI has two main problems on this show: its being used too much and its really hideous. The animation studio enjoyed using an unsolicited CGI that makes my eyes bleed in fact its really bad to see and when they switch from hand animations to CGI the impact is really strong. Plus CGI has been over used for most of the anime even when Ichiro was scratching his back or walking his dog and I have to admit that along with the nonsensical plot and cringe characters its a really devastating combo for the viewer. FINAL COMMENT I can conclude by saying that this anime had some potential in some areas but it was completely destroyed by an embarrassing plot and characters without development and meaning. The whole anime feels like a jumble of random things put together that purported to create something interesting but they couldnt. The only thing I really liked are the One Piece references. Final rating: 3/10
30 /100
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