Thank you so much for reading my other Reviews. After a short break I am going to talk about a underrated masterpiece in the manga community which is a extremly important piece of media and it mentions many philosophical topics. Many know the concept of post apocalypse story and this is one of this storys but instead of the normal tropes that are used in this genre we see an manga which has many cute slice of life Elements in it and feels very calming. Girls Last Tour talks in general about the concept of hopelesness and that existence is not enough which are really important philosophical topics we need to talk about. Girls Last Tour is a really depressing and happy piece of literature at the same time. It shows us this world and this characters who have no hope but at the same time we see yuuri and chito which are making the best with their situation and try to surivive on their journey through the ruins. They meet other people which bring their own part into this story and also have a big impact on this universe in general. To see them being alone and having no one trying to search for the last bit of hope they have in their lifes. Girls Last Tour is in my opinion amongst the greatest of all time with its philosophical topics interesting characters and depressing but at the same time calming premise. I am really happy that I read this masterpiece. Without spoilers I have to say that especially the ending is one of the greatest endings ever made. It is heartbreaking and hurts so bad. But that is the beautiful thing about it. This manga is so experimental and creative in general that you just have to honor it. It begins with the experimental concept having big slice of life elements in a post apocalypse story and ends with the sketchy art which is in my opinion one of the greatest. The sketchy art style gives this manga a kinda charme to it that cant be replicated. I think it is sad this manga is not mentioned among the greatest art in manga of all time like Vagabond and Berserk are. Some Pannels in this masterpiece are incredible to look at and helps the atmosphere so much. And many people will say that how can I say this when the characters are so simply drawn and have such a simple design. But that is not the point why it is drawn so great. This manga is so beautiful because its Environments. In my opinion it is not always important to have the most detailed or beautiful characters when the Environments are that fantastic. I am happy that I read it and I think it is a inspiration for my webcomic which makes me really happy. I am happy that I talked about this underrated gem which gets far too less prais.
100 /100
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