Kekkaku Yobou The contemporary context humankind has gotten involved in COVID19 and quarantine has made us change our view of the world in general especially when it comes to medicine and health issues. Current health advancements have helped humans not only to increase the life expectancy rates by finding proper treatments for diseases those treatments have also evolved over time to become more affordable which allows more people to be treated more effective in terms of quality less dangerous as some obsolete treatments involved affecting negatively some parts of the body other than the one being treated and more prompt which is not necessarily related to quality but the time a treatment takes to show positive results. Whatever happened to the good old days: you know dirty attics tuberculosis and general allround suffering? Arnold Wesker Just as Kiyohiko Azuma states in every chapter of his masterpiece manga Yotsuba to today is always the most enjoyable day which involves understanding that although not perfect in every possible way today is better than the past as we humans have come up with many kinds of advancements regarding technology. This educational anime about tuberculosis shows how Japanese people from the 1930s the midtime between the Great War SinoJapanese War and then World War II treated this deadly disease and prevented its proliferation not so many years after its detection in 1882 by Robert Koch. If I could highlight an aspector rather a keywordof this anime it would be time. Kekkaku Yobou is a timetravelling machine to the early 20th centurys Japan and their struggles with a disease that had been taking the lives of more people than World War I did. On the other hand I would like to point out that you do not need to know about medicinewhich is my caseor even know what tuberculosis is about after all this documentarylike anime manages to not only teach how to prevent tuberculosis but also what it means its risks and what does it do to the human body. You would be amazed at how easy yet skillfully they explain the basis of this diseasetuberculosis 101. However do not forget this is a 1933 anime you will not see presentday treatments or the modern understanding of tuberculosis. So regardless of whether you study medicine or you do not know what a disease is this anime is going to catch your attention once you start it and pay attention to its easytounderstand explanations. This 30minute anime manages to take you back into the past when going to the movies or hanging out with friends was considered a fateful dangerous activityor that is what I would say in 2019 just before Coronavirus made us remember those beautiful ol times when you could fall victim to tuberculosisthe main character of Kekkaku Yobou. In conclusion you should watch this anime if you have some free time and you do not know what to watch or perhaps you want to watch a rare anime. 300 Author notes
78 /100
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