I like trash its warm and it makes me feel right at home. Im always looking for trash to watch and when someone told me this campy trashy manga that I read a chapter of once in Japanese and couldt understand had received an anime adaptation by JC staffhttps://i.redd.it/g4jywgrany431.jpg of all studios I just had to see it despite constant warnings that it was just the boring kind of trash. I came in prepared to tear the show a new one but somehow I found a bit more than I was expecting daring to say this is probably an absurdly influential series that nobody has heard of not even the creators of the shows it influenced It doesnt even have a Wikipedia page for crying out loud 400https://i.ur.com/n3racPU.png When nobody gives you a chance because youre too old Summary Gorillaman is a delinquent show centered around an student called Iketo a big guy that everyone likes to poke fun at for looking like a Gorilla which despite being a silent protagonist ends up making friends and even wins the heart of a girl after saving her from a traffic accident by drop kicking a motorcycle that was about to run her over. He has a reputation among teachers and supposedly even served time according to the first scenes of the show despite this however he is in reality a big teddy bear that gets dragged into shit for two reasons: He is intimidating a hell with the local delinquents at his school immediately befriending and taking a liking to him based on appearance alone. He never ever speaks even when he is faced with difficult situations causing his Attitude reputation. The second bit is important as this is the source that generates most of the comedy and drama within the show causing people to often misunderstand him with the only people that seem to understand what goes through his head being the head of the delinquents and the girl that has fallen for him. 220https://s6.gifyu.com/images/M3rAIOHImgur.gif Its a rather wholesome show about friendship love and throwing hands once you break it down to its bare components thats being dragged down by dated concepts and is just begging for a reboot thats never going to happen. 220https://s6.gifyu.com/images/ezgif62ce8a8e3445f.gif Seriously just picture how cute this scene would be with some budget The animation is average... for 1980s standards This show was made in 92 which as far as JC Staff is concerned is actually outstanding the storyboard needed some real cleaning and some frames look really bad but generally it looks alright... For JC Staff standards 220https://s6.gifyu.com/images/4R7BdUIImgur.gif Looking good as usual JC real smooth Sound and music are actually terrible the music is clearly stock and half the voice actors have been miscasted These guys are in high school but most sound like Yakuza seriously. Another issue comes from this show being recompressed a thousand times over the years or tape rot in any source that you can find Including VHS. It should be noted the reason why I heard the show in the first place is because someone somewhere started a lost media hunt for an original RAW copy which although eventually found shares the same quality as everything else. Overall though I highly recommend it if you have some high tolerance for old low budget shows Ive seen quite a lot of them in my lifetime and this out of any other was the one that actually drove me to try and read the manga which sadly appears to be mostly lost media... for now.
65 /100
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