Yasuhiro Imagawa is no stranger to making raw testosterone filled classic mech anime. Therefore its quite unfortunate that most of his works have been held back by something be it Mazinger Shougekis https://anilist.co/anime/5485/ShinMazingerShougekiZHen/ lack of a second season or Fighter G Gundamshttps://anilist.co/anime/96/KidouButoudenGGundam/ ties to the greater Gundam franchise. Giant Robo suffers from no such issues. Visuals Being an OVA it had itself around an entire year for each episode none of the episodes being restricted in terms of length or censorship or whatsoever. This facilitates the greatest strength of Giant Robo the Animation that being the visuals. Imagawas expertise is able to shine through completely crafting one of the most interesting anime to just look at. While I can not recall a scene that is particularly dated it feels extremely refreshing that this show manages to look so good without any of the modern tricks see Bones webgen animations in MHA or Ufotables overuse of special effects in KnY. 220https://media.giphy.com/media/DGYfRw0vcZt4UDmMH8/giphy.gif?cid=790b76113793e69673143eb39a81f6b0f0bafcb1d28fddd6rid=giphy.gifct=g Probably the best missile spam I have ever seen The story Being based on the Giant Robo manga from 1967 its fair to not expect a lot. The plot containing all the genre staples such as absurdly powerful energy sources and an opposing force looking with a goal as simple as world domination lol. However the anime famously draws its inspiration from a lot more than just the original manga which elevates primarily the characters. Little things like the incorporation of samurai and wuxia elements into Tetsugyus character really go a long way into crafting a cast with a fairly enjoyable dynamic. If you liked the shuffle alliance in Fighter G expect more of the same. Thankfully the plot advances itself and actually sheds light on the shizuma drive and deeper motivations of the main antagonist. Dont get me wrong its definitely still a characterdriven story but I definitely wouldnt get distracted by the plot or even call it bad. 220https://media.giphy.com/media/137qIhWsIf9bDW/giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47nffxu2p01ur2xqtp1hmow48kl4k17zw7h0dornfbrid=giphy.gifct=g Cant forget best girl Ginrei In Conclusion No matter wether you consider yourself a mech fan a fan of old anime aesthetics or just a fan of good looking shows Giant Robo should definitely be a must watch for you. If the show hasnt hooked you on its visuals alone within the first few minutes you wont get much else out of it but the visuals do really make it worth your time. Also I forgor to mention the antagonists are extremely blatantly nazis and its really fucking funny
86 /100
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