Say it/Itte is about a girl in the MV who has recently lost someone and you can infer that they told her that they were going to commit suicide and while at the time she doesnt think much of it while after a while she wishes they said it more clearly hence the title say it. What i do like about it is the representation in the MV Music video of her looking over high places such as tall buildings ledges almost questioning why would anyone do such a thing and jump. You can also see her guilt and fear symbolised as a black shadowed creature almost following her around. Her carefree attitude at the beginning Look about that thing you said I didnt feel like thinking about it too much So I had forgotten about can also be interpreted as self loathing because while at the beginning it seems she doesnt care as it progresses you can see that she truly see how she blames herself and at times alternates between accepting the fact that her love is dead and denying that shes dead. Each use of the phrase say it links to a different mean At least give me a hint before you kill yourself Say it How to explain to you how beautiful it is be alive before you die? Youre dead How to sing about love on the last day of my life without you? a sound you make when youre hurt. One more thing is the visual of her repeatedly descending down stairs. While at first it just looks like playful fun at second thought it could also symbolise her descent into depression going further and further as the song goes on. Everything from the monotone prechorus and my personal favourite the last say it at 3:56 where her face goes sad supports this. This also links to the complex relationship between Elma and Amy which i have yet to get into however the base overview of their relationship provides more context to the sadness as their relationship is truly deep. Conclusion: This is my of my old favourites and the first song to get me into yourushika hence why it is my first review. While it does strike a chord with most people I personally dont relate to it as i do other songs by yorushika The feeling of guilt of someones suicide can truly be a detrimental feeling and this song lets you know that its normal to grief and feel guilty. Lyrics for context Say it You see Ive actually realized already Look about that thing you said I didnt feel like thinking about it too much So I had forgotten about it but Living blindly recklessly delusionally Impulsively impatiently negatively didnt do me any good Im sure that on the last day of my life when I think of whats gone before All of it all of it will be unspeakably precious but Ah on that last day of my life you wont be there More more more Say that more clearly You see Im not sure how to tell you that the sky is blue Or what Id have to do to make you understand that the clouds at night are high Say it You see I actually know That youre already gone You see youll probably just call me obstinate and I want to forget but Say it more clearly Make a note so you dont forget it Lets meet tomorrow at ten on the train platform or something like that Even if its petals scatter a peony is still a flower Even if the summer ends the memories of it are still cherished Put it into words give voice to it Say it And then if I could see you on the last day of my life Im sure even on the last day of my life that Id sing of love Because youd tell me none of it none of it was in vain Ah I still cant believe that on the last day of my life you wont be here More more more more More more more you have to More more more more Please say it more clearly
70 /100
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