At first it all begins when teenagers from a class travel to a dark and empty world filled only by their school while totally ignorant of their situation. After a short time they begin to organize themselves socially and establish power relations among themselves but our protagonists refuse to participate in this why? Nagara shows himself to be an extremely passive person following what is ordered and what will cost him the least effort to accomplish but this characteristic ends up being confronted when Nozomi the only character who does not wear the white uniform of her school begins to interact with him because just like Nagara she does not consider herself part of the large group that was forming but for a completely different reason: Nozomi is a free spirit who prioritizes fulfilling her desires rather than conforming to collective need such a personality is what will guide the development of Nagara our protagonist and observer. As for the plot of Sonny Boy which is extremely fantastical and surreal there is a clear division of its story into two parts. The first focuses on the previously described organization that the students have made among themselves and their goals some wishing to blindly follow the one who stands out and leads them while others just wish to go home this results in an exploration of the universe where as the plot progresses we learn that the students are not bound to a specific world but to a set of infinite interconnected worlds which contain individual rules that must be followed to the letter or are just a feature for the world to function some of these rules are insane some are fun and some make a direct analogy to our society. Such a universe underscores Sonny Boys undeniably strong points which are its direction and animation through several unique beautifully crafted worlds with some more like the earth we know others more abstract and insane. However after a certain plot twist in the middle of the anime we have the second part of its plot that focuses entirely on its protagonists which for me was the true brilliance of this work. I admit that I definitely could not extract everything that was presented to me by this anime in this sequence but following the individual conflict of these characters direct consequences of the power relations between the students as a whole was spectacular. The animation of their faces in their respective emotional catharsis the dubbing the use of animation as a media medium...Everything was intense emotional and extremely striking. I decided not to expand on this because I believe it should be seen and reflected upon by each of us. Sonny Boy is the anime of the year and was extremely authorial from this I am interested in following all the new anime directed by Shingo Natsume. Without a doubt he has established himself as an industry standout after doing such exquisite work.
100 /100
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