220https://images.saymediacontent.com/.image/climit2Ccssrgb2Cflprogressive2Cqauto:eco2Cw700/MTc0MzkwMDk3OTM5MDE1MDE2/fatezerotopsevenservants.jpg A show like this for the average anime viewer would be extremely difficult to watch mostly because you have to memorize the names of all the characters as well as some aspects of the show if youre not paying attention but it gets a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable as you progress down the line. Fate/Zero is a relatively simple show when you hear what its about: In this world there are some people with magic in their blood who are called mages. Every 60 years an omnipotent wish granting device known as the Holy Grail chooses 7 mages across the entire globe to participate in the Holy Grail War. These mages are known as Masters. In this war each Master gets a historical figure known as a Servant to fight for them in the war. The Masters along with their Servants then compete with each other to the death with the winner obtaining the rights to have their wish granted by the Holy Grail. Fate/Zero has in essence all of the tools it requires to succeed as a standalone show rather than a prequel to the Fate series so that is exactly how I am going to review this show. Out of every show I have seen so far Fate/Zero was the pinnacle of perfection when it came to exactly what needed to be done in terms of execution and closure. This show was full of war and bloodshed along with psychological deception and strategy. The show also depicts greatly that out of all the Holy Grail Wars both future and past this war had the most powerful Servants across every class which made this show even more entertaining to watch as we are under the perception that because the greatest Servants of past and future are participating we are witnessing the greatest war of all Holy Grail Wars unfold. An even greater point is that each Master is fighting for their own wish and because of that you get to see the events surrounding every individual in this show and the different paths they all take in an attempt to win the war. This makes the show feel even more rewarding as although every Master is fighting to have their wish granted they all have different motivations for wanting the Holy Grail whether it be a good wish or an evil wish. 220https://c4.wallpaperflare.com/wallpaper/811/515/726/fatezerofateserieskiritsuguemiyawallpaperpreview.jpg The Anti Hero: Kiritsugu Emiya Kiritsugu Emiya is the masterpiece of this entire show and not only because he is the main character. Kiritsugu is the pinnacle of tragedy as you continue to watch the show. In the beginning his attitude is unclear as he only states that with his wish he wants to save the world and end world conflict. The viewers feel a sense of irony since Kiritsugu is a mage assassin and has dedicated his whole life to killing. As the show unfolds he begins to realize that the meaning of victory becomes meaningless as more bodies pile up and more people die which is why he wants his wish granted in the first place. Spoilers Ahead: 220https://www.themoviedb.org/t/p/w780/ij86kCAHM0B6EP75so3UscZVWIo.jpg Fate/Zero will have you constantly itching to watch the next episode constantly aching to know whats going to happen next. This feeling alone is why it is impossible to rewatch this show regardless of how much you enjoyed it. A psychological thriller is only entertaining when you cannot expect or know what will happen. I personally tried to rewatch this by showing it to my friends while I watched with them and I did not get the same spark of enjoyment I got when I first watched this show. This is a masterpiece a beautiful one at that. This is a show that is only meant to be watched once and to enjoy every moment that you can.
100 /100
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