First things first this review is probably not going to have a structure at all. The reason? I just feel like rambling on and just getting all my thoughts out thats all. This is also probably going to have a lot of images so yeah. Out is a delinquent manga by Tatsuya Iguchi with artwork by Makoto Mizuta. Its my third delinquent manga although I would consider Holyland as more of a fighting manga Tokyo Revengers as more of a suspensethriller and I think its a pretty fantastic introduction to the genre. It has a lot of great elements which Ill be getting into in a bit. Oh yeah also this is probably just randomly going to go from one point to another. Well Im not really sure Im writing this before Im done with the review after all. Okay getting this out of the way immediately. If youre looking for some insanely deep story which will change your worldview I wouldnt recommend Out to you. The reason being its not that deep. Its just a really fun delinquent manga with a gripping story fun characters and great artwork and thats not a bad thing at all. In fact I have it above a lot of manga and anime considered to be deep and insightful because I just prefer it a lot more. 300 So the story of this manga follows a teenager named Tatsuya Iguchi. Sounds familiar? It probably does because thats the name of the author. I looked it up and this is supposed to be a loose autobiography sort of? Its apparently based on a blog this dude wrote and its still publishing just not about delinquent stuff I guess. Anyway Tatsuya just got out of juvie and is in a new city trying to live on the straight and narrow working at his aunts and uncles restaurant. This is because if he gets in trouble again hes going back to juvie and he really doesnt want that. But he befriends some delinquents and gets involved in gang activity again just not very actively. Hes not a member of any gangs and whenever hes asked to join a fight because of his skills apart from some rare instances he refuses not wanting to make his aunt and uncle worry. The story doesnt always follow him though. In fact he has only been slightly relevant in the past 100 chapters or so. However that isnt a bad thing as this manga does a fantastic job in making you care for the characters. I mean it made me hate a character then like him a bit then hate him again and now at this point in time love that character. An example of how well the characters are done in Out is Minagawa Jousuke. You only mostly hear about this dude from other character and see this dude in small flashbacks but these small bits have established the character so well. This character becomes one of the driving points of the story and the major motivation behind many of the characters and you actually start to understand this dude through those characters and I think thats pretty impressive. Another standout character is Taguchi but I wont be getting into his arc due to spoilers. All Im going to say is that this character takes you on a rollercoaster that you did not know you were getting on. Now being a delinquent manga this focuses on fights a lot and I mean a LOT. They serve many things in the story and well they do not disappoint AT ALL. Every single fight is hype and makes you care about at least one of the characters involved in it. Something I think that really helps in making the fights great in this manga is the usage of lines and the choreography. 350 Like look at this. Most of it is lines and it looks AMAZING. It also conveys a sense of motion effortlessly and makes the experience more fluid and smooth. Oh yeah speaking of making the reading experience more fluid and smooth the paneling in this manga is fantastic. Its so easy to read and the way the panels are arranged are varying but every single time its done really well. 350 This is in my opinion one of the tamer examples of the paneling and it looks immaculate. The sequence of the events is laid out well and its easy for the eyes to follow. Also the way the mangaka frames certain characters and objects is great. I dont exactly know how to explain this properly so Ill just give a few images to try and get the point across. 350 This is what Im trying to say basically. The angles at which the characters are placed how the characters are placed with respect to their backgrounds with respect to other characters even with respect to a bunch of panels in the background. Its just done really well and gives the moments in which they are done a sort of gravitas an additional tension which is what the author intended. The backgrounds in this manga also look really dope. I mean Ive been gushing about the art aspect of this manga for a while now and Ill probably continue to do so for a bit more so just bear with me. The landscapes are so well drawn I did not expect the art in this manga to be this good. 350 Need I say more? Anyway on to the next target of my random ramblings. The character designs. This mangas characters look so varied there is not even a single example I can think of in which two characters look even remotely similar Ok I can think of one example but you get the point. The variety of the designs are great and just the designs themselves look very cool. They give us an idea of the personality of the character as well. 350 The author is pretty great at giving a character a sort of presence. I mean the dude on the left of the image just looks like a normal high school kid. I mean hes basically Tsukishima from Haikyuu. But the confidence we can see in the posturing and demeanor of that character gives him a sort of presence. While the character on the right just looks more badass and still has presence. So its not just one or the other the presence is there in both types of designs. Also sometimes the designs look goofy as hell but thats part of the charm. The author plays around with anatomy sometimes and it hasnt led to any bad results but some of them have been rather uhhh interesting. 300 300 Also the characters are drippy as hell. I mean just look at these dudes all dripped out in their Supreme hoodies and their Emporno Arimni shirts not to mention this dude just looking like a boss wearing an apron. The drip in this manga is great. I mean people praise the drip in Tokyo Revengers meanwhile Out trumps the drip in that manga easily. I mean THIS MANGA CAN MAKE A DUDE IN AN APRON LOOK DRIPPY. Last I checked TR couldnt do that not dogging on TR that manga does have cool character designs and drip and a lot of strengths. The current arc is like a 4/10 though but hey thats a discussion for another time. The humor in this manga is also great. Sometimes the gags are pretty absurd and out there but most of the time the comedy in this manga comes from dudes just hanging out and chilling and I think its pretty funny 99 of the time it tries to be. Speaking of some absurd stuff this manga really revels in the absurdity of its fights at times which is not a negative at all. 350 I mean these 17 to 18 yearolds are out here pulling out guns and katanas. I mean its believable but its still kind of funny to think about. 350 Oh yeah did I forget to mention that moment when a brawl is going on and this 17 year old just finds a crane and starts trying to scoop people up with it? Yeah this manga knows its absurd a lot of the time and revels in it kind of like JoJos Bizarre Adventure but not to that degree of course. And well its just a lot of fun to read. At the end of the day that is the biggest draw of reading this manga. I mean the characters are great fleshed out and welldeveloped and so is the plot. I mean the plot of this manga surprised me with how good it was. I mean it wasnt some narrative that I would consider peak fiction but it was very tightly written especially the current arc with how we see the perspectives of all the different characters and how they tie in to this one huge event. But at the end of the day its a very very fun time and thats what matters with this manga. Dont let the chapter count intimidate you it is VERY quick to get through. I mean I binged the entire manga in 1 and a half days thats how quick it was. The chapters just breeze through. So I guess thats all I dont know if Ill be coming out with another review anytime soon so until next time 300
95 /100
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