Theres a heart to this show Right of the bat you get a see a 15 year old kid getting bullied by his friends/classmates crushed by reality that he cant become or achieve his dream and even the one who he admires the most says its impossible for him. A sad thing to witness but he gets a chance or rather he earned a chance. He proved that despite all despite everything he have been through or going through he still have what it takes to move forward. One of the massive benefit this show has is its melodrama which actually shouldve had an opposite effect cause melodrama is a cheap trick to invoke emotions but the show isnt really hiding tho. You got some generic characters with your usual Heros Villains plot generic world and with probably the most simple generic powers you can name. Heck Even Midoriyas ability is nothing but brute strength something every 10 year old once might have dreamt about and a very outdated super power though it had its gimmick. And the show doesnt even try to be anything more than that. But that seemingly predictable drama just worked. I never really thought it was boring or bad quite enjoyed it actually. It didnt really hyped me up or made me cry but it did grabbed me and made me sit through all the seemingly childish plotline with its melodrama. Quite the feat. Other than that the only points worth mentioning about this show are the character designs and music. Theres no character who is deep interesting since there are all just generic but everyone have some charm to them. And accompanied music in melodramatic scenes are befitting and sometimes does a surprisingly great job at enhancing it. Other than that nothing really worth mentioning. There are many plain to sight plot armor plot consistencies. The story is about how Deku becomes the world strongest hero which he literally mentions in episode 2. While I know the show trying to be nothing but generic saying this kinda thing took out all the suspense theres to the show which shouldnt be a bother but it kinda is. Since the show heavily relies on melodrama it sometimes fell flat. The fights are well animated though not as excellent as I thought or everyone makes them out to be. And while I heard some nasty stuff about the fandom they didnt really bothered me cause thankfully. The only one I know is a nice person. The show only have one thing to say and it only says that one message again and again. Midoriya All might and even Bakugou to an extent constantly try to go beyond something big. Something they cant achieve as they are but they will go beyond. Because... Its their dream. That one childish dream many adults once had but given up because of there own circumstances just accepted the reality. This show brings out that 10 year old who still believes that theres hope to achieve something. To become something more. To become a Hero And this is just the beginning
70 /100
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