Welcome to Ogasawara Dance Studio 1000https://data.whicdn.com/images/304708545/original.gif This is completely opinions from my own head and so it wont be the professional review youre probably searching for. Ill start this off by saying that I went into this completely blind. And boy oh boy do I not regret that. This anime found any hidden expectations I had and surpassed them. With just a few episodes I was captivated and forced to follow its lead. All I could think was Finally A sports anime done right I cannot express in words just how enjoyable this was for me. Story Whats there to say? Its your normal I just discovered a new sport and like watching it now let me try it and level up faster than everyone for the sake of chasing my dreams except its not.. is what Id say but it is. It very much is. However for some reason I feel like this was different to other sports anime. It felt like there was real progress for Tatara. He went from being a dull middle schooler with no ambitions to being able to dance to his emotions. And no he doesnt suddenly become number 1 nor stand anywhere near the top 10. He just becomes good. Plus this anime wasnt afraid to focus on other characters development. And the thing is they did it and managed to not make it tiring to watch uninteresting or a complete waste. They were quick to get to the point even though it didnt seem fast. The pacing of the story never felt odd and out of place. https://lostinanime.com/wpcontent/uploads/2017/07/BallroomeYoukoso0204.jpg Visuals Seriously stunning It takes a bit of getting used to but after an episode or two you get used to the style. The beautiful eyes that draw you in and the eyelashes that set it apart from others give the characters a more appealing look. Even the nicely animated bodies are incredibly attractive It fit this kind of anime perfectly. Dont forget the animation them dancing and how the dress is just swung around is so charming Its like candy for my eyes. If the story was a flower then the visuals would be the frame. https://lostinanime.com/wpcontent/uploads/2017/11/BallroomeYoukoso1830.jpg Sound I dont think footsteps are talked about enough. I mean who doesnt love a good clickityclack? This may have been the bare minimum but well it was enough. I really love the sound of the shoes clicking together and hitting the ground. Like music to my ears Speaking about music.. Brilliant was the song in the soundtrack that was a literal banger on and on for days. It was always the songs during the Quickstep and Tango matches that were the most exciting if it isnt obvious... 1000https://data.whicdn.com/images/303477285/original.gif Characters I really loved how every character was unique. What I mean by that is based on appearance alone you cant really group them together unless they are family. Each character looked like themselves. But keep in mind that this is because this anime was very focused on its main characters and did not have many background characters feeding the story. Ive said this earlier and Ill say it again. This anime was able to insert characters backgrounds and stories without messing up the pacing. It never felt odd and out of place it didnt necessarily fit what was happening nor do I think it was needed but it worked. 1000https://pa1.narvii.com/6623/6f7b6ad2ac515f665bc72243aa42c4918e5b32e4hq.gif Also this hilarious scenehttps://www..com/watch?v=a0aj9hf3WfA which I cannot forget no matter how hard I try. The pause the silence and the reaction are beautiful. Dont know what this anime would do without Vassily... Well then thanks for reading this far or.. skipping sounds like something I would do. Ballroom e Youkoso was an outright joy to watch. If you havent watched it already you should definitely give it a shot.
85 /100
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