TLDR is located at the end of the review. My Hero Academia takes place in a world where 80 of the population possesses a special ability known as a quirk unique to the individual person. This story follows Izuku Midoriya. Hes a boy who spent his childhood looking up to his idol All Might. All Might is one of the strongest heroes also known as the Symbol of Peace who spends his time fighting evil. He dreams of becoming a great hero like All Might but never developed a quirk. His only chance at becoming a hero is to make it into UA High School the 1 hero training academy. He is constantly picked on for not having a quirk by his classmate Katsuki Bakugou and calls Midoriya Deku as an insult. Midoriya meets All Might and discovers All Mights quirk is known as One For All giving him high strength and making him almost impossible to beat. Unlike other quirks this quirk can be passed down and gets stronger the more people it has been passed down to. All Might is revealed to have an injury that limits his time where he is able to use his quirk. Midoriya trains his endurance so his body can handle the quirk and All Might passes the quirk onto him. Despite this Midoriya can only use the quirk once and then breaks whatever part of his body he used the quirk with. The story progresses and both Bakugou and Midoriya make it into UA High School through a test where they must fight robots representing villians to earn points. Midoriya meets his classmates and teachers who have mixed opinions on him. The rest of the show follows his journey on becoming a hero. VisualsThe visuals feel like the standard for a shounen. The fight scenes are what really hold together the show as they are exciting and decently drawn. The character designs are unique and make them easy to recognize. Plot The area where this show is lacking though is the plot. Theres some filler episodes and it doesnt have a great overarching central point. Most of the episodes just show Midoriya training and attempting to become a strong hero. There isnt a strong conflict besides some fight scenes between heroes and villains. Characters While the characters are well done on the outside they dont add much development to the story. Only a few characters actually make a difference while most of the class is kind of just there. Im not referring to main characters and side characters either. Bakugou one of the most important characters in the show barely leaves a mark on the story. His only memorable trait is that he bullies Midoriya which doesnt change anything about the show. TLDR/ConclusionThis anime is average. Thats the best way I can put it honestly. It doesnt make an impact but it doesnt suck either. Its main purpose is to entertain the viewer and is meant for younger audiences. It certainly does fulfill that job but not well. The parts that are meant to be funny are out of place and bad. The visuals are a slightly effective attempt at covering up the meaningless plot. Overall Id suggest this show to someone looking for something that isnt deep or hard to understand. Probably gonna get bashed by the mha fandom but oh well.
60 /100
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