Prison School is the death note of comedies with a hint of romance. Each arc in the anime is filled with thrill and whenever the thrill dies down comedy replaces it. Those two genres arent the only ones involved though. Ecchi is littered throughout the anime and is active in nearly every scene from the camera angles to the situations. I watched the anime on Crunchyroll so it was censored but if it wasnt it would be bordering the upper limit of ecchi. In fact this was the original reason I had ever even heard of prison school. However the ecchi in this anime is outshined literally and figuratively by its other elements. Whenever I rate an anime I consider five different categories: music/sound visuals characters story and ending. The reason I separate the ending from the story is that the ending of an anime or season of an anime can make or break it take death note for example. The first category is music/sound. Sounds are the background of anime even more so than the music. Sound doesnt make or break an anime unless its outstandingly good or bad. For Prison School the sound was perfectly fine. As for the music I didnt really notice the background music which isnt a bad thing and I liked the opening. The ending wasnt as good as the opening to me but it wasnt bad by any means. The second category is visuals. The visuals in this anime arent phenomenal but they are good. The expressions of the characters are perfect and I never found anything lacking. The only reason they dont stand at the head of the pack is that anime that arent actionrelated dont have the opportunity to outdo their counterparts. The third category is characters and the characters in prison school are awful. Awful in their values but fantastic otherwise. There are five main characters and Gakuto is the most developed of the bunch with Kiyoshi right behind. Kiyoshi seems to be the least perverted of the bunch but that doesnt mean much. The main interest of his personality is his battle between perversion and selfcontrol. This takes place throughout the season and is never really solved but it doesnt need to be. For the first season the choice to take its characters without any seriousness was the right decision. Gakuto is the best character in this anime. Hes the brain of the bunch and his knowledge of history is an interesting quirk. Moving on from Gakuto we have Shingo. Shingo doesnt have any interesting quirks but he seems to just fit right into the group. Andre is the fourth member and his only personality is being the embodiment of masochism. Because he is the bridge between Shingo and Joe and the rest of the group he has an important place in it. Joe is the last member of the group and his quirk is his obsession with ants. I wont go into too much detail about the female characters but they dont change the rating. I find most of them to be well developed and all necessary. I do think that Mari and Hana need something. It makes sense for Mari and Meiko to be obsessed with student council work but I havent yet seen a reason for Hana being there or her other interests. Mari is also lacking somewhat in the personality department. The chairman isnt very interesting but his quirks dont get tiresome. The fourth category is story and the story in this anime is near without flaws. From the thrilling escape plans to the wellexecuted comedy scenes this animes story shines. Other than the comedy ecchi and thrilling scenes of the anime there is also the bromance that took place which filled the emotional section of the brain. The final category is ending and the ending of this season was perfect.
87 /100
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