INTRODUCTION I decided to start writing a review for each of the zaregoto volumes because at a certain point I realized how interesting this series was both as a mystery and as a psychological one and how it was taking me a lot. Given therefore that this review of all volumes I hope to be able to do it in a very concise way was also created to make this series known and appreciated to others ONLY MINOR SPOILERS will be made that do not go to ruin the story having said that good reading and I hope you like my review. 220 Short Summary the story is about a group of people considered geniuses in their respective fields who are invited to Wet Crows Feather Island by Akagami Iria the exiled daughter of a powerful family. Among the guests is Tomo Kunagisa who has brought with him an unnamed boy who will be called Iichan our protagonist and the only one of the guests who is not a genius. Our protagonist here as in the whole story wants to keep himself out of trouble but on the island there will be a murder a beheading and it will be up to him to solve the mystery. General Plot As a presentation of the main characters a really good job was done a very captivating story that takes the reader and gives him all the information to be able to reveal the culprit also following the reasoning of the protagonist and obviously paying attention to the details that at a first look might seem superfluous but they prove to be essential. The topos of the villa isolated from everything and everyone and the topos of the very famous closeddoor murder is resumed but the latter is reconstructed and exploited then adding other murders going to tangle the skein and tease the reader while keeping his interest active. In general therefore a typical narrative of a selfrespecting mystery perhaps with some dialogue that is a bit too long which risks dampening the narrative rhythm but overall the book is read very quickly until you reach the conclusion that it could leave you confused but instead reserve a pleasant surprise ..... Characters Ii 220 Tomo Kunagisa 220 Aikawa Jun 220 Ibuki Kanami Akane Sonoyama 220 220 Ikari Chiga 220 Other Characters Other characters not mentioned above are the medium Maki Himena the artists assistant Shinya Sakaki the head waitress Rei Handa the other 2 twin sisters of Ikari Chiga the owner of the villa Iria Akagami and finally Yayoi Sachirono the brilliant chief. Among them only 2 or 3 are interesting while the others serve only to enrich the story of characters and possible suspects among these there is the artists assistant who demonstrates a great fidelity that is always maintained until the end by demonstrating some similarity with the relationship between the protagonist and Tomo and the owner of the island who appears to be responsible for the death of her twin sister due to the D.L.L.R. Syndrome and for this exiled from the family even if it will eventually prove false. Interesting is the comparison between her and the protagonist regarding the unforgivability of a murder that she sees in stark contrast and she will not be the only one to think differently of him in the series. Finally the last interesting character is the seer Himena only because he despises and teases the protagonist because as a seer he is able to read his mind and see his weaknesses but also the horrible things that the protagonist has done said this as he will later say the protagonist she is nothing more than a parasite and her presence is just a nuisance. Final Part I found the final part very interesting and also the most beautiful and fastest part to read the best parts are Tomos effort in climbing the stairs for the protagonist demonstrating his great attachment to him and the final dialogue with Aikawa which is a beautiful comparison between a person with talent and one without. Both are my favorite parts as they represent a bit of the whole book capturing both the feeling for the first and the logic / philosophy for the second. Finally the way in which they built the crime itself I really liked it because it is as if it had been divided into two floors that is the resolution of Iichan which is the easiest and fastest one that leaves out details but still gets to the culprit and finally that of Aikawa who explains everything makes everything fit together leaving no doubts about it an ending that you care in a way also because when you read the first resolution at the beginning you say: Is that all? while then you read the second you connect all the points and it is precisely there that you see the great genius of the author and makes this work unique in its kind. 220 To conclude therefore I recommend this beautiful novel to all those who love the mystery genre because they will be able to appreciate something certainly original that earned its author the 23rd Mephisto Award at 20 years of age. 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92 /100
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