This is my favorite tale in Monogatari. This is the worst tale in Monogatari. I will not lie in this review. Maybe I already have but who cares really. We all lie to ourselves anyways. The written word is no different. Lets get all the gimmick sections of the review out of the way so we can get onto the boring part where I ramble able a single line that doesnt represent the tale at all and moreso what I ended up latching onto. Placement is everything as they say. Or its actually just me because Ive been coming back to it since these reviews started with the beginning of Second Season. Hitagi End huh. She did meet her end. The end of Hitagi from 2 years ago that Kaiki remembered. The one who laughs so easily. The easily breakable girl who continued to thrive. The damage that Kaiki caused without realizing who she was back then and what she cared about. The one who wanted to hold onto those memories even if they wouldnt bring back any of the pieces. Just as Kaiki couldnt fully save Hitagi Araragi couldnt fully save Nadeko while the reverse worked. Its just the way things go. That relationship was never meant to be even if it was onesided as she said. But she also lies a healthy amount because she mastered from the swindler. We started with Hitagi Crab and we tie up all the loose connections to her story here. Even though Shinobu duped the reader in Onimonogatari and the cover reinforced that deception this story is all about lies anyways so it is quite fitting. Its a crime that this story is experienced before Hanamonogatari for those brave anime fans that follow a production cycle instead of the written one. But I dont really care. Isin doesnt care either. He makes each entry connected and selfcontained if you ignore half the story anyways so you do you. Yay Peace Peace No Short Stories to discuss that seem to be attached to this tale although Rouka is mentioned but that was read with Hanamonogatari so we are good. Time for the most interesting part of the review. Gaen claimed that life is unfair in Onimonogatari. Kaiki continues that policy to some degree with his line that being happy isnt the point of life. And even uses the car accident which probably took away his unrequited love away as a vehicle for deception. Bold. Brazen. Very Kaiki to do though. Because that lost love will never go away. It spurs him to take on this job. The excuse is Kanbaru but its the guilt of misplacing the mothers importance on the child. For both Kanbaru and Hitagi. He still doesnt fully understand Nadeko either because the manga was the trump card used when he failed. It was not part of the plan for success. Although money still revolved around both options which is just perfect with his desires. Money is life but life isnt money. In the end the money didnt save her neither Nadeko nor Hitagi. Not even Hanekawa whose interactions with Kaiki were the highlight because both recognized Nadeko for what she truly was. Thats how much they hated their past selves to realize. Just like Hanekawa Kaikis word were as idealistic as his desires were rational. Or was it the other way around. It doesnt matter anyways because this review is wrapping up in a cute little bow. For those of you who look at my reviews for the score. I hate you. For those of you who look at my reviews for the words. I thank you. For those of you who found meaning in these reviews. I apologize to you. For those of you who have read in full of these reviews. I bow to you. Ill see you in the Final Season.
100 /100
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