Another short review As with my previous reviews this is simply to get my thoughts on something I just read or watched on paper for my own sake to show to others as well to look back in the future when I wonder why I gave trash or something I dont remember a high rating. This is the next thing I actually have somewhat substantial thoughts on. I recently picked up the Death Note: Short Stories compilation and the prospect of rereading the pilot oneshot and looking at these extra aspects of the Death Note lore was exciting having just finished rewatching the series dubbed over the summer but the first oneshot was really quite disappointing. It added literally nothing to the characters story and lore nor was it a particularly interesting read either but the following oneshot in the volume aKira published in 2020 was far more interesting. You can clearly see a large jump in the quality of art from the pilot 2003 to the original manga in the same year to their other works like Bakuman. and its truly stunning. Especially early on in the main characters back story where the blacks from his gakuran mesh with the blacks from his hair and the border around the page and Ryuk. Its quite stunning. Before I get into the actual plot I want to quickly address the state Japan is in following Kira. Japan is now a surveillance state with cameras all of the place and as an American that is really freaky lol. Its ironic that following the reign of terror a man that fought for the ultimate freedom of man the country has seemingly lost a number of freedoms. But this is in line with the main series and can be seen following the death of L. From here forth the review is filled with spoilers. The story begins in medias res where we see the main character receive the notebook two years after he first did. The page where his memories come flooding back is spectacular and so is the way it was all set up. Its not like this whole thing was entirely unique or anything but it was really fun to read to and well written/drawn. This immediately had me hooked. Minoru states he wishes to sell the the notebook in an auction a move that is certainly way easier now than it may have been back during the original series run. This is a remarkably interesting move in my opinion. But what ultimately what makes this interesting is that as opposed to someone using the name for killing once again. With a series of this name they managed to create a thrilling story not focused on killing while still addressing the major themes of the series. Effectively showing one of the most prevalent themes of the series the foolishness of man in the face of vice. The hearts of men are easily manipulated as seen through Lights innocent heart by the temptation of the notebook and everyone else. Donald Trump Xi Jingping and Shinzo Abe were absolutely insane to see. 10/10 renditions of everyone. If you are a fan of Death Note I highly recommend you give this a read. You will not regret it At the very least it is is a oneshot so the time you lose if you didnt like it is pretty marginal isnt? lol
90 /100
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