PreReview Thoughts Without a doubt one of the most amazing experiences i had with a manga. Ive been following this series since late 2018 and I was waiting for all chapters to be translated and here they are. The series warms my heart to no bound. Its one of those series that just click. The story the writing the small amount of slapstick and even the enemies are very well done and you feel extremely invested in them all. I remember finding picture of Lorem and Gospel in the first chapter on a reddit about wholesome anime back in . And I raced to the comments to find out where this came from that one page alone was enough to peak my interest to one of the most enjoyable mangas i ever had read 220 Story The plot revolves around humans and demons in a long dragged out war that ended in attempts for demons to coexist with humans. Though not fully established the steps are being taken slowly but surely. And as the story progresses the continuation to develop a proper coexistence between the two parties grow but also those who are against it. And at first they dont really emphasize on those rebels leading to only small altercations. But as the series hits the climax the stakes become very grand and it makes you contemplate on what peace truly mean. does it mean separation of both parties leaving one another alone? A means to take advantage in a campaign for political power systematically oppressing those who oppose for the sake of safety? Though it sounds pretty extreme its not that bad however it will pop up and it will leave you thinking a good minute or two on whether or not the actions taken or truly necessary and if there are other ways to settle it. From there you get amazing tales from both ends more specifically from the demons. You get to see the hardships the struggles and the both inner and outer conflicts they deal with other demons and with themselves. This series has a lot of major topics they like to emphasize. Sticking with your kind friends family peace and love. Characters Generally the characters are well written not one feels similar to the other. They all have unique personalities from one another and their mannerisms though a little unorthodox the very comforting and welcoming. Characters who you see in the beginning may give off a negative impression but later on become a very likable person after their exposition or taking a look in their past and to how they change with time. Personal Favorite My personal favorite was Merii. Shes the little sister to Lorem the main character of this series. 220 220 220 She has this amazing ability to produce tentacles with stem cells basically giving her the ability to regenerate body parts. She uses this to her utmost ability and charges people ludicrous amounts of money to use her service. Shes a supporting character who truly does carry the title Support to the highest degree. Through her childhood until present she was there for her sister during their journeys into the demon world. She would be there for her when her buddies went haywire essentially cooking herself. Not only her sister but she helps dozens of other people from extreme injuries like missing wings or legs and arms. Youll see at the end or near the end of the series which becomes essential repairing lost limbs of major characters essentially almost every chapter. Very under looked a true pillar that holds all these different characters together. Afterthought Ive been waiting five years for this series to come to a conclusion and even then I had to wait longer cause nobody apparently wanted to translate this. Until very recently one user decided to finish it up because he loved of the story and wanted to see it all the way through to the end and Im glad he did because this has become one of my personal favorite series. I loved all the characters even the ones that seem to be obnoxious. I cant wait to read the rest of zyugoyas works. he deserves so much recognition. Give this series a look i promise youll love it Final Panel Of Series 10/10
100 /100
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