Like cute shows about anime girl's doing nothing? Well this is definitely one for you!

This show follows a girl who has the worst kind of luck imaginable. Her new friends (who also have little quirks of their own) often get caught in the crossfire, which makes for really cute, hilarious, and interesting episodes.

These girls go to a school called Tennomifune Academy, which is some sort of elite school. Most of the students that go here train in all kinds of various subjects, except for Class 1-7, which is also known as "the Happiness Class." Anyone who was chosen to be in the class has been deemed "unfortunate" and must try to overcome their own unhappiness or misfortune in order to graduate.

And, you guessed it, these girls are all a member of this class.

You have Anne, who is very boisterous and positive, yet has terrible luck. She also really loves animals. But unfortunately, they do not love her back.

Ruri (or "Hibari"), who has some weird crush on a guy on a construction sign (?). I have to say, out of all the quirks these girls have, I thought this was definitely the weirdest one. However, she seems to be the only one here that has it together.

Botan, who is easily injured and gets depressed over the smallest things. Even things as simple as shaking her hand is enough to break her bones.

Hibiki, who has no sense of direction whatsoever. There's also hints of Hibiki having a thing for Ren. So if you like yuri, then.... well you know.

And lastly, you have Ren, who has some sort of strange aura about her that causes females of any species to be deeply attracted to her. She also likes to sleep a lot.

Please watch this series! I promise you'll enjoy it!!

98 /100
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