Lan Mo De Hua / Lan Mos Flower 220 Synopsis Lan Mo bought a magical hairpiece that can change her appearance to hopefully make her childhood friend fall in love with her... But what she really wants is for her friend to fall in love for who she really is... without the magical hairpiece to change her appearance. Story and Characters Lan Mo De Hua is a Chinese romance anime only 9 episodes long about a teenage girl who wants to date her highschool sweetheart but cant find the right way to tell him that she loves him. The animes backstory can be quite deep when you think about it with an open mind. Lan Mo buys a magical hairpiece that can make her look more like her lovers ideal dream girl. This works for a while until Lan Mo realizes that she wants her friend to love her for who she really is and not pretending to be someone else... There are only 2 main characters in the entire anime Lan Mo who is the cute and goofy main girl who can transform into her crushs dream girl. The other main character is Lui Yi Feng the oblivious childhood friend of Lan Mo who only sees her as a friend. There are other characters but are mostly very forgettable. 220 Art and Animation The artwork is decent not quite as extensive or as detailed as Japanese anime but sufficient nonetheless. The chibi art is especially cute however I was surprised with this specific art style It could blend in for a Japanese anime if I didnt know otherwise. Most of the background art looks like the producers took a random photograph and then placed it inside the anime to make it look more like anime. Whether or not you think this is good or just lazy is up to you to decide. The animation needs help in some scenes all I can say is that the anime company is making a lot of anime recently and that this certain anime they skipped some important parts. Some of which is fine but I wish they could have improved on the lipsync animation sometimes the mouths move when the characters are not speaking... Everything else is fine though. Sound Music and Voice Acting The sound effects was relatively average in respect. But what I can say for sure was the music was calm and peaceful just what you would expect from a romance anime to have relaxing music. The music is naturally more energetic during dramatic moments of course. Listen everyone I am going to say this now... this anime is made in China so of course there will be Chinese voices. Often people complain about Chinese voices in anime but that is only because they are not used to hearing the language... I dont see why people complain about this its the original language so it must get some respect from the people who watch it? Subtitle quality can depend however... I watched it in Chinese with English subtitles and overall it was a very good subtitle quality by Guodong Subs. Some people have complained that the subtitles dont make logical sense but I thought they made perfect sense. Final Thoughts If you are a fan of romance or shoujo anime then you might like this. Its a really underwatched anime since not many people have watched this or have even heard of it. But I can be sure you will find the story to be sweet or at least heartwarming towards the end of the anime. The bad thing about this anime is that there lacks any real story plot except the main characters interaction with each other. The creators do try to place the main characters in situations where you would think they would become closer but instead they save it until later on in the anime which is a real shame. Then again maybe thats what was supposed to have happened? Thank you for reading my first review If you see any mistakes then please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me.
68 /100
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