The setting of Beyound the Boundary is really simple: There are monsters and guys that kill monsters. The comedy is created from the character traits of the cast: The protagonist really, really likes girls with glasses, the girl who tries to kill him is a shy girl with glasses. The best friend of the protagonist is really, really obsessed with his little sister, so they fantasize together about the little sister and what she would look like with glasses. This style of comedy is very simple, but at least not terrible. Beyond the boundary manages to at least write comedy that makes sense from what we know about the characters, for example when the poor girl with glasses sells pictures of her to a anonymous buyer with the initials of the protagonist.

But the comedy is not the main focus of the story. After episode 6, an episode that only consists of the friends fighting a monster that can be distracted by scantily dressed, singing girls, the story begins to speed up, but also gets worse to the end. That is the biggest problem of the show, it's not a bad show, but it is wasting its potential. The ending has a long emotional buildup, only to destroy the point of the whole fight and story in the last thirty seconds.

The characters are characters written for comedy. They have one or two defining character traits and have only little character development. We learn about their backstories and their motivations, but they never become really complex characters. That being said, the love for glasses of the protagonist is a funny idea, it's different to the normal love for little sisters or other questionalble likings, not that they don't exist in this show. The good thing about the characters is that they all are connected, no character is there for no real reason.

One of the biggest selling points is certainly the amazing animation, the fighting scenes are fluid and nice to watch. It´s always nice if a bloodsword doesn´t look like a bloodsword, but like a sword made of strange dirt.

Sure, good animation alone can't save an otherwise bad show, but Beyond the Boundary is not a bad show, it's better than most shows I watched. It's just sad that there is so much wasted potential.

60 /100
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