Steins Gate 0 (Short Review)
As the anime goes on, i feel as if Okabe Rintaro is choosing the Mayuri route, but this episode numer 9 have turned my mind around the other corner...the Kurisu route is more like a safe route in the game, even if the woman he loves is Kurisu in the anime, he still could'nt accept the death of his best childhood friend and went to the other world timeline witch Mayuri is alive and Makise Kurisu is dead, i still haven't watched all the episodes since the anime is still airing but i think it's a pretty awesome story, with the science experiments and logic, it gives thrill and expectation from the viewer, the best ending would be him finding the true answer (as he finds a world that mayuri and kurisu are alive and well), but to go there he needs to stop being afraid all the time, it's tiring after all this these episodes, he needs corage, and determination, this episode could have sent that message to him, he needed to meet Makise Kurisu one more time and have her encorage him, the kiss scene on the final minutes was amazing and i would not change it, just a line from him i would make him say:"I'll find way to see you again in a world where you are alive!" and make a badass face saying "see you again"...
There are episodes where i know they are only Fillers and do not have that cherry on the top of the cake to make the story more interesting but all anime scens have one of these don't they?
There must be a reason that Okabe Rintaro of the alternative wolrd have broken the time machine...he must had the premonition that the more a person uses it, the more he can't stay in that world for a long time, and you end up time leaping more times your mind can keep up...
There must be a scientific theory that says that using too much of a time machine to change history is not a good thing for anyone, if you use it for personal reasons than it's even worse.
Even in anime it is shown when he changed a little thing and akihabara anime world doesn't exist anymore, it's very shocking how little things can change how a person is gonna act or even if they are gonna be born, well getting back at the topic of the anime, i'm not very happy that Okabe preffers to stay in a world without Kurisu, because he trully loves her, and i can't change the fact that the creators made it that way to be more tragic and sad than it actually would be, so turning around the pace of the story like that is just like building the expectation of the viewer so that they keep looking for the next episode, i know that, i haven't played the game, and i expect the anime choose the Kurisu route in the ending...that would be the perfect ending for the anime!
My critics are only that Okabe is being a Wimp guy since the first episode of this second season.
They Must Kiss again!

80 /100
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