Fat sad boy gets mad that girl turns him down so he weight trains for years to become an attractive high school guy only to be faced with the same girl that turned him down all those years ago! Wanting to get back at her, he vows to get revenge by baiting this girl into falling in love with him, then rejecting her the same way she did to him. All manner of wacky anime romantic comedy things occur based on this set-up, and I'll have to give this one credit for at least trying to have an original set-up. The problem is that this plot creates more problems than it solves, and the rest of the show just falls directly into the same generic pitfalls that nearly all romcom anime fall into, like introducing random additional suitors for no reason, incredibly hamfisted melodrama, and an eleventh hour additional conflict that just feels out of place. Characters are also wholely generic, and I just gave you most of the unique stuff, but I'll hit on the rest real quick: typical tsundere heroine, silent-but-deadly, bad Marika rip-off church girl competitor, otokonoko, student council president, etc... etc... Oh, and a 9/12 episode entering direct competitor for our health-nut MC Masamune, who uses "his" portly figure to try to assume Masamune's past identity and "steal his girl". This is all standard faire, and it's honestly what we should expect from the cover art.

However, what's surprising is that this show is actually one notch above average its genre. Even though the characters are all the same tired archetypes we've seen before, the premise is slightly unique enough to keep you at least remotely interested, and the sins that the series commits based on this plot ("I somehow forget everything but remembered LEL ecks dee") are honestly no more ridiculous than what you'd find in its average and less-than-average contemporaries. The main character's internal fight against actually falling for the would-be victim of his revenge (spoiler alert: he falls for her OH NO I SPOILED IT) is pretty funny to watch, as is Adagaki's attempts to remain the man-hating attitude that she is known for. One particular point that always made me laugh was just how little any of the important characters gave a fuck that Masamune had put so much work into himself. He's almost made fun of for putting so much time into his self-improvement, although he doesn't help his own case since the results of his work just made him a pompous ass.

This one might be worth a look if you're starved for romcoms. Aesthetics are completely forgettable but not terrible, and in true romcom fashion, the story doesn't end. Fair warning: I read ahead and the actual ending of this series is complete shit, so if the hinted OVA actually comes to fruition, they'd better go for an anime original ending or at least flesh out the original one/make it less retarded. I don't have high hopes for that, and its not fair to judge the anime on it anyway, but it's something I wanted to mention before closing the book on this one.

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55 /100
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