Another show that is just a giant advertisement for the Light Novel. But in this case never really managed to convince me that I would be interested in the Light Novel. The show seems to end prematurely with underdeveloped characters and world. And really just needs another season to make me care about it, cause what I saw didn't do that.


The driving point for this show should have been the characters while you grow to love and have a connection with them. But I feel like I never had time to connect with them, to the point that I really only remember 5 names total. Out of a cast of like a dozen plus people. We have Kal-el, Claire, Mitty, Ariel, and Ignacio. And that is everybody that I can actually remember from the show, so I guess none of the other characters really left any impression on me at all.

  • Kal-el - The main character of the story who grows and and learns to let go of his hate. While it works well enough, I don't feel like the show gave it enough time really and just had him switch incredibly quickly. While his romance never really was given enough time for me to get a feeling for it. Only really got a couple shots and scenes, alongside a falling in love at first sight scene. I will give it credit for not having all that many cliche scenes.
  • Claire - The female lead and main romance partner, who ends up debating the role she has been given. While also debating if she can fall in love after everything that has occurred. The romance with Kal-el works well, and avoids cliches pretty well.
  • Ariel/Ari - The sister of Kal-el, who always fights with him. They seem to want to do something of a love triangle with Ari and Claire, but never develop it. And is only really noticed in the way she acts around him cause it is never mentioned directly. Really wish she had gotten more development that was reserved just for her, and not her building Kal-el story even more.
  • Supporting Cast - Well this is were is really fell apart for me. While we get a ton of backstory and character development for Kal-el and Claire, the rest of the cast is kinda forgotten about. Their stories seem to be forgotten and pushed away so we can get more space for backstory for Kal-el and Claire. And because of this I never really develop any attachment to these characters when something happens to them. They all seem to have some romance going on between them, but at most get just a couple minutes dedicated to the relationship. Then somebody like Ignacio who plays a rather important role, has his backstory delivered in a 3 min intro and never has much more development.
    The Supporting Cast really deserved more time dedicated to just having them on the screen, with them building character together. Cause as it is, they really are just forgotten characters that fill in space.

Art & Music

A rather weak part of the show, with poor Art and Animation alongside forgettable Music.

  • Art - Feels like many shots they just stopped half way and never finished the shot. Details just don't exist in some shots that existed just a minute ago. Definitely feels like it was done with a small budget that never had the money to make every scene look good, so decided to just try and make every scene look acceptable. Many moments in which characters and objects just feel like they were placed into the scene with no thought done about shadows, or how this object would effect the scene. Faces in scenes just kinda end up being the most basic thing possible with incredibly simplistic animations.
  • Music - I don't actually remember any of the music from the show at all. I don't remember the OP or the ED, even though I just watched it. And I don't remember any of the music playing in the background of the show, even though I seem to remember it existing. Maybe it would do a decent job in just enforcing the world more if the Art and Animation were better, but as it is, it does nothing for me at all.
60 /100
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