Note: This is more for the series as a whole than solely Owari season 2 but I do touch on some points Ive been making my way through the Monogatari series for a couple of months now and Ive finally reached the end. At least the end until Zoku Owarimonogatari comes out. When Bakemonogatari unexpectedly blew me away I strapped myself in and prepared for the wild ride that I felt I was fully prepared for. There were moments that tested my faith like both Nekomonogataris and Tsubasa Tiger but I held strong and kept on watching. With each moment that tested my resolve in the series there were so many other moments that blew me away like the Kizumonogatari movies the rest of Monogatari SS and Ougi Oshino and her story. Maybe Monogatari wont leave me as my 1 anime of all time but it definitely ranks in the top 3 if not concluding as my favorite series of all time. Owarimonogatari S2 however contains the brilliant conclusion to a fascinating series and set of characters. In a sort of irony that only Monogatari could pull off the series comes full circle to conclude. Its impossible to describe how perfectly the ending was pulled off without spoilers but suffice it to say that the story of Koyomi Araragi ends as it began with him going above and beyond for someone incredibly dear for him a situation that he found himself in time and time again throughout the series. Its hard to say that Owarimonogatari S2 is something of an adrenaline pumping experience but that I think is what makes this series so special. It shrugs off adrenaline pumping action and achieves it instead with words interactions and aesthetics. Sure it may drag at times but usually you find yourself having an epiphany over that seemingly irrelevant conversation or some random symbolism in design gaining insight into who Koyomi Araragi or the latest girl hes helping out is on the inside. Its incredible how deep and developed every single character is by the end of the series despite many of the side characters not having exorbitant amounts of screen time. The dialogue simply builds their personalities so effectively that more episodes with them arent necessary no matter how much we wish there was more Kanbaru. I would recommend the Monogatari series to anyone but especially anyone with an interest in characterdriven stories interactiondriven exposition and unique aesthetics and stylistic designs. It is a unique anime experience to be sure. I had no idea how much I would come to love this series but I sure am glad that I started. In fact Im already planning to rewatch it in the future with a different order. So what are you waiting for? Its time to watch Bakemonogatari already
100 /100
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