General Overview

The "Glass of God", a drink that narrates and gives the customer a personalised drink that describes their life and humor, hence the prowess of the bartender in creating many drinks and cocktails using various interesting and intricate mixing techniques.

I welcome you to Eden Hall, come in and enjoy a Glass of God.

Visual 28\30

At a first glance the show might seem dull and not as colourful as any other anime made in 2006, it might seem dull.
But that dullness gives even more character to the show when appropriately vibrant colours are used when representing drinks.

What seems unnatural to a first-time watcher is the amount of quality work put into the animation of liquids and to how realistic looking the drinks might look like, based on their colours while mixing or by standing alone.

While the characters and the objects that give the environment it's taste of a bar, what really shines are the drinks prepared by the bartender, Sasakura-san.

Music 27\30

An interesting take of the show is to present everything through saxophone or piano instrumental backgrounds, giving the scene of being actually in a bar.

Of course the dialog over powers the background, but in those moments of silence the music comes in and colours the dialog with very clear and non disturbing music.

Story 30\30

The show's story is episodic, giving space to various characters to be introduced and making way for a lot of new dialogs, which makes the bartender shine through it's skills at listening and understand the customer that came in his bar.

Even though the story is not actually episodic but could be represented as a full story show, the entire meaning of the show is to make people discover the existence of a "Glass of God" that might describe a person perfectly.

Enjoyment 9\10

The show has interested me in many new cocktails, of which I only knew the name, and makes me want to try even more drinks and cocktails when I'm outside in a bar.

An interesting part of the story is when a description is made of the customer, what might seem strange is that connection you make with a customer, like it's feelings or how it's life is going.
With that you can connect to a customer and be served an interesting cocktail that describes your situation.


The show delivers quite a nice story by making episodic chapters to describe a bigger piece of the show, as to the meaning of the "Glass of God".

The animations and visuals shine while focusing on the main subject of the show, the drinks.
Elsewhere it might seem a bit dull and not so vibrant.

94 /100
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