Illuminating against a dark secret, the electricity flowing through a coiled wire induces a powerful electromagnet. This is the attractive force that gives rise to a significant and amazing sequel titled Railgun S. A sequel that has darkened the story for the better.

The revamped expansion of the Sisters Arc from Index now reveals a greater impact while implementing its own semi-theoretical science. This is a poignant story about the pain, suffering, care, and kindness triggered by one of the most controversial subject science has made possible. That is, the cloning of humans. Through a branched exploration of human values, this season gets you to feel personalized and deeply embedded by its ideas. With the Sisters, it questions whether they're mere guinea pigs to be disposed of or something more than just that, something containing human qualities. Burdened by the guilt to let all this happen is Misaka, a girl who suffers and throbs with so much pain, yet she develops the most and develops with a touching message. Then we have Touma, an idealistic drive who rises with heroic kindness. He's a solid character in Index but here, he's even better as a crucial supporting pillar. They're among the characters who possess the desire to stop the experiment's inhumane desire for absolute power. And who amplified all this agony even further? That goes to Accelerator, an appearance of a ruthless predator who plays around with his defenseless preys, instilling a strong fear factor. A perfect role for an antagonist who aims tormenting anguish right into the direction of a weakened heart. Undoubtedly, this season has shifted its tone towards a darker stance for the better but the more positive tones are still present to contrast with it. Misaka's friends lighten up against the gloom with their lighthearted attitudes. While happiness may seem like a faraway thing in upsetting times, the presence of friends is a joy that brings in laughter and smiles. Sisters Arc is such an exceptional arc that the last two thirds feels quite dull. Nonetheless, the conclusion is still a solid story about four girls who live in a city full of electrifying moments.

Corridors and alleys as far as the eyes can see, the maze-like structure of Academy City is a setting where fights between powerful espers occur at. Saturating themselves with engrossing choreography, smooth animation activates heightened energy as they unleash vibrant abilities with one another. Accompanied by camera shakes and build ups of slow-mo attacks, they're the kind of battles that pack a lot of emotive excitement. And when gore makes its appearance, it adds a layer of cruelty which underlines a savage presence found throughout this season. Like an endless torture sucking you deeper towards the dark despair. To add even more moods and emotions, the differing brightness in colors syncs with the adjusting tone, transforming from sunny optimism to cloudy pessimism. Pained expressions that visually show the impacts of getting betrayed over and over again hits one's heart right in the feels. It's this kind of heartbreaking moments that reminds us why storytelling can become a touching art, an art to sway our feelings. Furthermore, voice acting also expresses the emotions lingering inside them, sending a cute note until seriousness gains control. But if there's one character who is so influential, it definitely goes to the man named Accelerator. His voice actor nailed his role flawlessly. A gripping delivery of a barbaric antagonist, with his harsh and frenzied vocal projecting spine-tingling chills. In contrast, soft soundtracks of piano and other calming notes play with feelings of positivity against a season full of pain. Again, this contrasts to when all hell breaks loose as tense background tracks intensify the drama with powerful importance. Maintaining the mastery of amazing openings for this spin-off, fripSide delivered two awesome opening songs yet again. With upbeat thrills, like a generator producing accumulating powers, hearing the songs sends a flow of electric current inside me and kick-started my excitement for what's to come.

And what comes out is a sequel that goes all the way through the roof, leaving a trail of energetic eminence behind. Railgun S is the flowing of non-stop greatness and has managed to power all of its sciency exploration into one functioning season. Truly a certain electrifying force.

88 /100
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