Well, hello there fanservice. To LOVE-Ru is full-on packed with all kinds of ecchi goodies, crammed tightly into a bundle of filler-esque stories to bring in humor, a bit of romance, and quite a handful of bored annoyance at your side.

Like I said before, the story is pretty much how one would define what fillers are. Simple episodes that are not related to the main sci-fi story introduced earlier on in the anime. Which is not a bad thing in hindsight, but for a mindless entertainment of this nature, To LOVE-Ru didn't do that good of a job in achieving that goal for the most part. There are a lot of repetition. Let me repeat that again. There are simply too much repetition for the show to be a fun one. It’s the reason why I was amused by the first half but as time goes on, I found myself getting annoyed with the recurrence, whether it's jokes or actions, because it won't work if you've seen it multiple times. Nevertheless, there are a few episodes I did enjoy as I found myself laughing at the silly things that happened with the characters. As for them, it’s pleasing to see that the main boy isn’t as annoying as I thought he would be. In fact, he kind of stray away from the major denseness found in other leads who happen to be in the same situation as him, although a couple of similarities are still present. The group of girls are likable, having personalities that are different enough to each other. However, only a couple of them are blessed with enough screen time so I didn't feel too much about the ones who are barely there this season.

Nothing much to be said in the arts department except for the fact that it’s pretty much as simple as the story. A modern take on the looks of the art style in the past. Consistency is maintained with the use of bright colors matching the energetic aura from the characters. Though for the animation, at times it feels dull which didn't really help with the mostly boring story. There are exaggerations in the comedy and ecchi scenes, as to be expected in an anime containing a lot of silliness. With fanservice, it should be unprecedented that the designs of the characters are quite proportional, including their eyes too which reach big but not big enough to look weird. Cute I'd say, especially with their clothing as it complements well with the personality of each characters. Same goes for the voice acting though it did take a bit of time to get used with some. While there are no notable soundtracks that I remembered, it did remove any distractions that could’ve possibly ruined some of the humors so that's a good thing. And for the opening and ending songs, they have a charming but hot attitude that fit the tone of the anime if that makes any sense at all.

To LOVE-Ru in the end served as an entertainment that only show and doesn't tell any progression of the story or characters. In a sense, it's just a montage of attempted humors combined with a sexy atmosphere that worked for half of the time. Do not try to find any deeper meaning in this anime and just watch it at face value. This ecchi trial of harem is awaiting you.

56 /100
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