I wasnt planning to watch this anime but I had read the manga a long time ago and really enjoyed it. For those unaware the story is about an amnesiac ghost who wants to figure out how she died while falling in love with the boy who is trying to help her. I thought it would be an easy nostalgic watch. And it was... for one episode. The pilot is an anime original that introduces us to Yuuko Kirie Okonogi and Niiya as well as the overall tone of the anime in a way that was unique and refreshing for a ghost show even if half of it was the same thing but with Yuukos layer unmasked. If theres one reason to watch this show its this. Because its in the following episodes that I started seeing the issues with this show. Instead of rolling with the pilot that already introduced us to the main cast were treated to forty minutes of what are in fact flashbacks of the club members meeting each other. While this information is useful and necessary it couldve absolutely been made in one episode or cut entirely Im looking at you Okonogi. Episodes 57 are full of fanservice romance and characters being cute with a moderate focus on the actual plot. It was passable if you ignore Okonogi who suddenly thinks this is a harem and keeps asking out Niiya who accepts almost every time even when he knows Yuuko gets jealous. Were also introduced to Shadow Yuuko or the other Yuuko a hateful version of Yuuko. The real pain starts at episode 9 where the spoilers begin. The only reason I wouldnt recommend you read them is to read the manga which is about a thousand times better. Episode 10 is where the score went from a likely 5 to a 3. Yuukos past is finally revealed after Niiya convinces her that the other Yuuko is just another part of her and they accept her death together as the events from 60 years ago unravel. This is the mangas version. Wait no? Thats not what happens? If you want to know: Why did they change that? At that point everyone watching had already figured out what the other Yuuko was and I was screaming at Niiya that what hed wanted from the start was literally offering itself to him on a silver platter. But this is far far from the worst things the staff changed and I was mad when I realized what they were doing. If you thought Yuukos death was tragic in the anime you know nothing. In the anime they changed one of the cruelest twist in manga history and destroyed Yuukos character for... nothing Theres nothing in the manga that would need censure Why did they do it?. I guess they wanted to keep her pure and nice? But wouldnt that have made her pass away in peace and you know not become a ghost? Because she was still alive. Am I supposed to believe that your emotions have a will of their own? Here is the manga version highly recommend you go read it even if its just the ending. I went back to look at the dates and ok the manga finished a year after the anime but couldnt they have asked the author what they were going to do? Because this is so so inferior to the manga and it pisses me off because you need to have read the manga to see. Everyone else just thinks this is sad as it is when in fact its so much worse. And I am far from someone who rages every time an adaptation changes the littlest thing. But the changes need to mean something? Like when they use the movement of the elevator in episode 1. But this was 100 plot and there was nothing to change. So... if youre interested in this highly recommend the manga if only for the ending and look at the first episode if you really want its the best one. About the animation it was alright. I didnt like how they let go of the roundness of authors style. But the use of black bars the old Japanese artstyle and the colors switches while a little out of place brought back memories of Bakemonogatari. The sunsets were amazing and when theres horror its pretty well done in the first part at least. I didnt like Yuukos voice actress tho. I felt like she was way miscasted and that the character wouldve gained more from a less highpitched and cute voice. Shes still a ghost after all and this is supposed to be horror. The romance was... okay I guess if you count fanservice as romance but can you really cheer for these guys? Yuukos already dead Niiyas gonna grow old and shes going to stay at 15 years old in mind and body. And hes going to stop going to school one day. The characters werent particularly unique. Yuuko was 75 fanservice Kirie is a tsundere Okonogis an idiot and Niiyas the male protagonist. The only interesting thing that was happening was the Kirie/Okonogi ship but that was dropped immediately after it started. I cant really think of anyone to recommend this too when the mangas so much better in everything.
30 /100
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