*This is my first time writing a review on anything so I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum while sharing my thoughts on this series. These are just my personal opinions and it doesn't mean that you have to think the same way

What is Love and how is it expressed? Maybe Spending time with your significant other, a hug, or maybe even a kiss. Though all these things are true .... in my opinion Love is nothing but a sacrifice. A sacrifice that you commit happily. And it is in these small sacrifices that you commit, you express your love. And that's what Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata) is about. It portrays how in small, subtle, unnoticeable actions one can express his/her feelings of affection,gratitude and admiration for someone else. Though I'm still new when it comes to Anime but i think I have been exposed to quite a few romance series, yet I have only seen a few series show this side of love in a way that Saekano does.
Saekano was a surprise for me, who was only watching the show cause he wanted to chill and watch some harem comedy.... But what he got was a series that made him realise once again how beautiful anime can be.

So Saekano is Romance Harem Comedy which explores Aki Tomoya's relationships with three girls (Though there are five but two of them are not that important) as they make a dating simulation game. Now Tomoya-kun is a "self proclaimed" Otaku ... and i emphasize on "Self Proclaimed" because here is where many people start to get the series wrong. Tomoya's character is not of a typical otaku but instead he is actually a pretty lively and energetic personality who is actually pretty well known in his school because of his antics. Tomoya is the kind of guy with whom you can talk to or maybe even just listen to for hours without getting bored and I can see why any girl would fall for him. I have seen many people talk about Tomoya being dense but while i watched this series never did I get that impression. Tomoya seems to avoid relationships because he is stuck with the stereotype of a " Typical Otaku " who has no room for 3D girls in his life, when he is definitely not one. He seems to realize the feelings the other characters have for him yet he doesn't feel like reciprocating them maybe because he just wants things to stay as it is and doesn't want to ruin them. He values them as his friends and can't take the risk of losing them.

One morning Tomoya has a encounter with a kawaii girl. It looked like as if it was taken straight out of a movie scene. That moment Tomoya was awestruck. A fire ignited inside him reminding him of his dream of once making a dating simulation game. He recruits his friends Sawamura Eriri (An aspiring Doujin artist) and Kasumigaoka Utaha (A young upcoming LN author) to help him achieve his goal. Soon Tomoya meets Kataou Megumi who just happens to be the one whom he encoutered that morning. Tomoya wants her to be the heroine/model for the game..... but there is one problem. Megumi has a very dull and boring personality. Tomoya is hell bent on making her the Heroine so he decides to train her. And so begins this Journey known as Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata or "Raising a Boring Heroine".

The Character types are nothing new yet they feel fresh. Eriri is your classic childhood friend Tsundere who treasures her moments with Tomoya in the past. And when she seperated from him for a while she realised that she had fallen for him way before she had realised. She acts as an intelligent and elegant girl and is pretty popular in school because of that but in reality she is very childish and crazy. Utaha (my fav character) is a child prodigy who is admired like a God by Tomoya and maybe it was his admiration for her and his lively nature that made her fall head over heels for Tomoya. Utaha is such a fun character. She is beautiful and elegant and is often approached by boys but she blatantly rejects them. She is calm and composed yet when it comes to Tomoya her sexual desires overpower her and she turns into this freak who is always trying to seduce him whenever she gets an opportunity. She is the queen of sarcasm and some of the most hilarious events of this anime occur when she is involved.

And Finally we come Kataou Megumi. Megumi's character is the one with most significance when it comes to the Romance part of this anime. At the start she is this boring yet cute character with a monotonic voice but as the anime progresses we see her character grow as she starts showing emotions. Now here is my take on Megumi. According to me Megumi fell in love with Tomoya the night He made her stay forcing her to play games. All her life no one had ever seemed to notice her presence. But when Tomoya extended his hand out to her.... even though it was for one of the weirdest reasons, he was like a knight in shining armor to her. Not only did he notice her.... he made her his heroine. All her life she was ignored but now because of Tomoya she had people whom she could call as friends. She is not one who can be open about her feelings so the only way She can show her love to Tomoya is by going out of her way to help him in any way possible. Whether it be a so called "date" to give him ideas for the script, or give him advice or a pep talk to inspire him when he's struggling. She tries to become to heroine Tomoya wants her to be. Here is another theory of mine that when she starts growing her hair it's because the game character that was based on her had long hair. She starts showing emotions as if in an attempt to become the 2D girl of Tomoya 's(An Otaku) dream. Its is her character that makes this series such a beautiful anime for me. I hate to see many people just not being able to realise the beautiful theme that has been implemented so subtly in this comedy.

As far as Comedic part of this series is concerned ... it hits right on the spot. You are left giggling throughout the series whether it be Utaha's sarcasm or Eriri's tsundere behaviour ( especially that " gweh!! " XD ) or Kato's long unnecessarily detailed sentences and the breaking of the fourth wall etc.. People complain about the Fan Service elements but I never even noticed one except those in Episode 0 which was made specifically for Fan Service Reasons. Art Style and Animation are beautiful and i love it when for some moments the art switches to that inverted colours type of stuff. The Soundtrack blends in perfectly.

Usually I have atleast one or two things to complain about an Anime series but i can't say i have any when it comes to Saekano. For Me it just does everything in way that's neither less nor excessive. I just fell in love with it.

Saekano: Was I able to becomes someone's favourite anime.
Me: Yes You were
Saekano: Was I able to become your favourite anime ?
Me: You just barged right into my favourites list.

85 /100
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